Chemical Technologies Enhancing Productivity
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Chemical Technologies Enhancing Productivity

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Regina Oliviera - Dow
Commercial Director for Oil & Gas and Mining in Latin America


Q: What is Mexico’s role in your portfolio of investment and growth, both internationally and in Latin America?

A: Dow has one of the industry’s most complete portfolios for the oil and gas industry. The position of Mexico in our global context is high because the country has many important resources when it comes to deepwater and shale gas. The Energy Reform also influences the importance of Mexico at Dow, as it will allow the country to improve its production performance, opening more business areas for companies like ours. The Energy Reform will reverse the declining production and allow for the development of the country’s deepwater and shale industry in the short and medium term.

When we examine all of Latin America, Mexico is without a doubt one of the key countries where we are currently focusing our efforts to grow our business. Mexico also plays an important role from a global perspective because it holds one of the world’s largest shale reserves. The main challenge is increasing the efficiency of production. To do so, it is important to use technology-based solutions, which is what Dow offers. We are hoping to place these productivity-oriented solutions with the companies that are entering Mexico as a result of Round One, which is extremely important because it defines PEMEX’s participation, and it opens up possibilities of increasing production from existing wells.

Q: What are some of the technological advantages you offer in the upstream water separation area throughout the different stages of a well’s life cycle?

A: In upstream crude production, we have solutions that can enhance the water separation process in an efficient manner. One of our most complete lines is called DEMTROLTM, which offers emulsifiers and demulsifiers for all types of crude. It separates the crude from water and produces the least amount of gas possible, thus optimizing production.

In addition to this leading water-separating technology, we also have a complete portfolio of additional options that address this issue. Dow offers services that can map the deposit and identify the type of microorganism, after which we can suggest products for advanced sustainable microbial control, such as UCARCIDETM and KATHONTM, that are adapted to the well’s needs. Our product lines also include both our FILMTECTM membranes for the sulfate removal from injection water and our VERSENETM products for the control of incrustations through intercalations of different nature that are pertinent to the deposit and its characteristics. The latter product line also offers incrustation inhibitors.

Another recently launched solution was the EmbarkTM RM210 HEC Slurry, Dow's new and more sustainable rheology modifier for completion fluids. The product does not harm the environment as it is biodegradable, and it has the capacity to collapse the foam more effectively without forming lumps, thus assisting oil companies during the wells’ cleaning process. We believe this product will be successful, especially since PEMEX and other companies are expected to increase exploration activities.

Q: Mexico is continuously discovering and exploiting heavy oil deposits. What products can you offer operators for the extraction and processing of this challenging type of oil?

A: We have solvents that are used to help dissolve paraffin and biopanthene, depending on the type of heavy crude to be treated. Dow is strongly focused on that area and plans to introduce new products to the market soon. Our chemical technology for heavy oil is similar to the ones used for other types of crude, except they are slightly more robust. We have some clients and operators that work with heavy oil and find a significant challenge in its transportation, for which they need thermal insulation, be it onshore or offshore. In this case, our HYPERLASTTM product can fulfill this need, which is so prevalent in operations surrounding the handling of heavy oil. We have had positive experiences so far with this product in Latin America, and our aim is to transfer its success to Mexico when new projects are confirmed and their investments made. We see opportunities in offshore pipelines, where the flow of the crude will need optimization.

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