Cleaning Up the Oil and Gas Industry
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Cleaning Up the Oil and Gas Industry

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Alberto Espinosa - Ecosolutions
Director General


In spite of the amount of oil entering the ocean each year, estimated at 0.25% of global production, environmental concerns do not seem to be at the forefront of the oil industry. Alberto Espinosa, Director General of Ecosolutions, believes that the oil and gas industry is still in its infancy in terms of environmental awareness. “Factors such as regulation and training about environmental protection are areas that are severely lacking in Mexico, and this is something that should be prioritized,” he believes. Although he concedes that there are certain companies with strict environmental controls, he argues that many still fail to attribute enough importance to this issue. “PEMEX is one of the companies that focus on the environment, but there is still a long way to go in terms of the implementation of technology, while scarce investments in innovation is having a detrimental effect.”

There are many factors hampering the advancement of environment performance within the industry, but he believes that the situation is slowly changing and the difference can now be seen between the companies that are taking the correct measures and those that are not. “Many companies, especially foreign multinationals, have environmental consciousness at the heart of their operations,” he states. “Generally, these large operations have a trickle-down effect, and more and more of the smaller companies are taking cues from the environmental practices employed by the major players.” Espinosa believes that the creation of ASEA will create a greater environmental consciousness within the industry. “We consider that the creation of ASEA will strengthen all our past efforts, and that the industry standards will automatically be raised by its creation, as well as by the entry of multinational companies,” he reveals.

Ecosolutions has developed groundbreaking new products focused on cleaning up oil spills and slicks. One of these was invented in Mexico, patented in the US, and EPA approved, and is able to disperse hydrocarbons on contact, while neutralizing their contaminating properties by eliminating the three basic properties of viscosity, odor, and activity. The product can also be used as a fertilizer in agricultural fields. “This product has the potential to make a significant impact in terms of minimizing the damage of hydrocarbon spills in the Mexican offshore industry,” asserts Espinosa. With more than 24 products that are carefully selected to address issues within the oil and gas industry, the company is focusing on the niche industry of ecological oil and gas solutions.

The company has developed a great deal of technology, including a product that is 100% organic and removes the grease accumulated on the platform from skin, products to eliminate odors, and ecological products for bathrooms. Moreover, Ecosolutions is developing technologies to control fires, and one of its products is of Danish origins and manufactured in Mexico, and it can proactively prevent fires in compromised areas. The company’s shampoo product is already on the market, but it is in the process of adding new components to increase the potency and efficiency. “Our domestic products are extremely demanded as they address a basic need in a clean and environmentally friendly way, and can be used in a plethora of industries,” says Espinosa. “We are constantly innovating and developing new technologies and solutions, and are at the forefront of innovation in terms of organic, biodegradable chemical products."

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