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CNH Approves BP’s Exploration Plan

Thu, 08/19/2021 - 17:56

The CNH has approved BP’s plan to explore its shallow water block near the coasts of Campeche, in the Southeast Basins region. This exploration plan was approved with a budget of US$2.455 million. The block borders a couple of PEMEX assignments to the south and a Shell block to the southwest. Despite other major NOCs and IOCs beginning to dump parts of their oil and gas portfolio, BP’s interests in both sides of the GOM remain as committed as ever and continue to grow.  

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National Guard To Protect Gas Trucks Drivers 

President López Obrador has promised to call out the National Guard to protect those who complained they could not distribute LPG due to fear of vandalization and threats, and to guarantee the distribution of this basic good. During his daily press conference, the president addressed the fears generated by the LPG retailers who participated in this month’s strike. The president said that all plaintiffs and complaints from retailers that fear job and income reductions have been attended. López Obrador said the National Guard would not be used to placate protests or break off conflicts amongst distributors or commissioners, but its only function would be to protect trucks and consumers. 

PEMEX Experiences Three Accidents in a Row

A string of recent incidents at different PEMEX facilities have led media sources to speculate that the government’s austerity measures might be affecting the NOC’s safety standards. The incident that received the most media attention was a fire in the Salina Cruz refinery in Oaxaca. The fire consumed a portion of the refinery’s facilities but no fatalities were reported, only material losses. The second one was another fire in a storage tank in the port of Dos Bocas, Tabasco. The third accident also happened at this port when a fuel tanker caught on fire as well. No death or injuries were reported at any one of these accidents.

PEMEX Stops Drilling at Valeriana

PEMEX announced it will stop drilling at the Valeriana well in Tabasco following new findings in seismic data analysis of the region that led to a major modification in the design of the wells, reported the CNH on August 12. The well is located in the Centro municipality of Tabasco, where other important oil discoveries have been made in past years. Potential production of the wells and camps is forecasted as high as 600MMboe, and its development could lead to construction of other key infrastructure projects like new oil production complexes.

Russian Oil Company Starts Drilling in Mexico

Russian multinational oil company Lukoil announced it has started drilling operations in their first exploration well in the GOM. The shallow water well is located in the southeastern basins of the gulf, off the coast of the state of Tabasco, in an area called Yoti Oeste-1Exp. Lukoil will be working on Block 12, which covers an area of 521 square meters; the company will be drilling at a depth of 207 meters. Operations in the well will be pivotal for decision-making. Geological and geophysical data will provide information that will determine whether operations will continue at the site.

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