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CNH Lacks the Commissioners to Fulfill its Function Properly

By Anamary Olivas | Fri, 06/24/2022 - 20:49

The National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) is forced to cope while working with fewer commissioners, who are in charge of regulating and supervising hydrocarbons processes such as exploration, extraction, production and transportation. The institution remains operational with only four out of the seven commissioners required to function properly.


CNH is part of the Mexican executive power. It has legal personality, technical autonomy and budgetary self-suffiency. The Commissioners working for the regulatory body are proposed by the President of the Republic and appointed by the Senate. Rogelio Hernández Cázares, President Commissioner, CNH, warned that the agency could become paralyzed if it has insufficient operational commissioners to make decisions. By law, the plenary session of the CNH must be made up of 7 commissioners, but the sessions were left incomplete after the departure of Gaspar Franco, Sergio Pimentel and Héctor Acosta.


The President Commissioner explained that CNH is working at the bare minimum capacity, If any of the four current Commissioners is absent for a day, sessions cannot be declared valid, so the Commission would not be able to make any decisions. “[The government wants that] the oil industry and PEMEX increase their production, that they make new plans or that they modify existing ones. This involves daily tasks that cannot be done without authorization from CNH. Therefore, there would be a paralysis, because under the current situation the absence of any member would prevent me from fulfilling my functions,” Hernández said in an interview with Energy21.


Currently, CNH has four Commissioners: Alma América Porres, Néstor Martínez, Héctor Moreira and Rogelio Hernández Cázares. Porres’ term ends in December 2022, so the body could be left with only 3 commissioners if no new members are appointed by then. To ensure that the energy sector can perform properly, the government needs regulatory bodies to be equipped with the means to fully exercise their functions. In the past, expers pointed out CNH’s importance as an entity that promotes investment and economic growth in the hydrocarbons sector.


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