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CNH’s Insights, Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2021: The Week in Review

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 07/15/2021 - 17:52

This week, Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2021 brought together numerous experts and decision-makers of the sector to analyze the road forward for one of the most important industries in Mexico’s economy. Top stories this week also include interviews with Alma América Porres, and Héctor Moreira, Commissioners of CHN.

CNH Maintains Criteria, Technical Standards Despite Pandemic

"The industry’s productive value chain was affected by the pandemic. Many service providers and contractors found themselves entering dry periods and many operators delayed their plans. CNH allowed a first period of suspension of terms for 124 days to the contracts that had associated compliance with mandatory activities, with the objective that they could execute them," says Héctor Moreira, Commissioner of CNH. Keep reading the full interview here.

Exploration Activity Surpassing Limits, Boundaries

"When we ask ourselves where our oil and gas will come from in the future, the current political agenda would seem to suggest that our efforts will be directed toward conventional resources in shallow waters and onshore areas, despite the great richness of deepwater and unconventional resources we possess," says Alama América Porres, Commissioner of CNH. Read her full interview here.

The Time to Capitalize on Mexico's Oil & Gas Resources is Now

To make the oil and gas sector a pillar for Mexico’s development, Mexico must make optimal use of its resources, explained Merlin Cochran, Director General of AMEXHI, in the opening presentation of Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2021. Investment in the hydrocarbons picked up after a difficult 2020, he added. “The investment executed so far by Mexico's oil and gas operators is equivalent to two Mayan Trains,” said Cochran. Read the highlights here.

Reading Between the Lines of Mexico’s New Energy Policies

The contrast between existing regulation and the essence of the government’s energy objectives was at the heart of this panel’s discussions. Read the highlights from the panel “Mexico's Evolving Legal & Regulatory Landscape.”

Private Operators' Production Plans

Private operators offer a much optimistic view of the sector amidst uncertainty and a changing scenario, agreed speakers during the panel “Private Operators' Production Plans.” Read the highlights here.

Adapting to Several Storms of Change All at Once

The pandemic and the government’s efforts to modify labor laws have brought numerous challenges to HR division of the oil and gas industry. Experts from the industry’s HR sector discussed how they overcame the many challenges that defined 2020 and 2021. Read the highlights of the panel “HR, Outsourcing and Safety: Crewing the Industry in 2021.”

Results-Focused Exploration Technology Innovation

Digitalization is happening in every industry, and for oil and gas companies it means further certainty and less risks for successful operations. Read the highlights of the panel “Results-Focused Exploration Technology Innovation.”

Potential Surpasses Challenges in Deepwater

The rate of deepwater exploration success has reframed the industry’s perspective for this type of upstream activity. Read the highlights of the panel “Deepwater: Who, Where and When?”

New Urgency for Automation & Remote Operation After COVID-19

Automation and remote operation are a reality, what do companies need to do to face a changing environment and succeed in their goals? Read the highlights from the panel “New Urgency for Automation & Remote Operation After COVID-19”

A Collaborative Push to Redesign Offshore Operations

An exchange of strategies to survive the pandemic turned into a discussion on the importance of coordination and planning for offshore suppliers. Read the highlights of the panel “Supplier Priorities in the Offshore Services Market”

Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management

The current industry environment has brought new challenges in risk management, addressing the need for best practices and technologies. Read the highlights of the panel "Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management.”

Adjusting Expectations Towards a Production Timeline

Onshore operators contrast the opportunities of their sector with the realities and challenges that still await them. Read the highlights of the panel “Onshore Oil & Gas Production Outlook.


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