Jaime Llano
Business Development Director Mexico
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Complete Local Content Offer

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 08:49

Q: As an integrated energy services provider of coatings and connection systems, what are Shawcor’s main goals in the Mexican market?

A: We have analyzed the landscape and determined that Mexico has one of the strongest markets in the region. Our main goal is to provide services to all the involved players. Several offshore contracts were awarded and all of these companies have four years to explore their blocks and three years to develop them. This means companies will need services at the same time, which will require process optimization and extra production capacity. We are flexible and new mobile plants could be added if necessary. We are also training staff. New technologies will be incorporated and we have developed a training program for our people. We have more than 15 Mexican engineers in that program at our global facilities, which will allow us to foster a 100 percent local content offer. 
We trust in Mexico and made the decision to invest in advance to be prepared to work with all these players. We want to better position Shawcor to work with the international operators that are entering the country. We have worked with these companies around the world but now we need to focus on their needs in Mexico and extend our relationship with their local teams. At the same time, we contribute to the development of the local industry in the regions where our plants are located. 

Q: What are Shawcor’s main target segments to increase its foothold in Mexico?

A: There is no doubt that the offshore market will be our main target, but we will continue supporting shallowwater projects developed by PEMEX and new IOCs. Those projects will require a lot of new infrastructure all over the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time, new deepwater developments will create fresh demand for services in the country. Based on that, we are increasing our incountry product portfolio for that particular market. We also invested in new facilities at our Veracruz plant from where we will be able to apply special products used in other projects around the world for our customers here. 
Q: What actions has the company taken to strengthen its value proposition for offshore projects?

A: The company has prepared internally for these new challenges. In fact, we just started production at the new Veracruz facility. We made the decision to invest and offer more specialized coatings for deepwater projects. Previously, we worked with four types of insolation coatings, but at this new plant we can increase our offer by up to three more specialized coatings for deepwater applications. 
Through this facility, all our services will be delivered locally. We are committed to adhering to the local content terms of the Energy Reform. We can apply offshore concrete coatings from our Coatzacoalcos plant and we have two facilities in Veracruz for deepwater and specialized coatings that can provide services for several projects simultaneously. 

Q: Given the changes in Mexico’s oil and gas landscape, what will be the industry’s greatest challenge in the short term?

A: Over the last few years, production in Mexico suffered a drastic downturn as PEMEX decreased its investment in its fields and did not incorporate new reserves. At the moment, the biggest challenge in the short term is to increase oil production. Achieving this will be the greatest accomplishment of the Energy Reform because this increase in production will not be generated by PEMEX alone; it will be a joint effort with IOCs. As a result, the next decade will be interesting in terms of new infrastructure, which will gradually increase over the next five years when most of new awarded blocks will conclude the exploration period and some will continue on to development phases that will require specialized services.


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