Carlos Kahan
Xanik Valves

Components from Mexico to the World

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 19:35

When PEMEX began rolling back its refinery maintenance investment, the companies reliant on supplying the system were forced into a decision: diversify or flounder. For companies like Xanik Valves, the choice was clear. “The lack of investment meant we had to change the way we sold, so we began to focus on the global market,” says the company’s CEO Carlos Kahan. “We used to sell 70 percent of our valves in Mexico and 30 percent internationally. For the last three years we, have sold 95 percent of our products internationally and only 5 percent to Mexico,” he says.

Only a handful of companies in the world manufacture the same valves. The company’s competitors are large corporations in Europe and North America, while Xanik, is family-run. However, the company’s nimble size has proved a unique selling point that Kahan has deftly capitalized on to grow the business. “The four or five competitors we have are all large corporations, whereas Xanik Valves is not. There is no corporate process to go through so we can make our decisions quickly to reduce turnaround time,” he explains.

The Mexican manufacturer provides its specialized hydroflouric acid (HF), pressure-seal and bar stock valves at a far swifter speed than the competition. From the design concept to the delivery, Xanik can undercut its competitors’ order times by over 50 percent. The company achieves this production speed with the help of several local Mexican foundries, the furthest of which is just four hours from its headquarters. While Xanik’s team of 20 full-time product engineers handle the valve design, the foundries carry out the casting. The proximity to its partners permits a close relationship and helps the tailoring of each clients’ valve significantly quicker than communicating with a foundry half way around the world.