The Confort in the Offshore Activities

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 13:32

Offshore life is tough. Employees working on oil platforms have to leave their families and homes to spend two to four weeks in facilities located in the middle of the sea. In addition to the demanding platform work, workers have to get used to the weather, the movement of the waves, and the isolated location. To make the experience easier for their staff, oil and gas firms look for comfortable facilities with catering services for their offshore employees. In this regard, HB Rentals, a US company established in 1976, offers these sought-after onsite accommodations and operating essentials.

HB Rentals boasts a broad portfolio of offshore solutions, which includes diverse accommodation fleets, workspaces, and offshore services modules. The latter are divided into four designs according to the characteristics required by different segments in the oil and gas industry. The ABS/USGC A60 product line is designed with needs of offshore crews in mind, such as sleeping and dining facilities. All the products included in this line comply with various international regulatory standards, including ABS, USGC, DNV, SOLAS, and IMO. The DNV A60 line is also popular, and it offers various solutions for offshore facilities, including linkable galley and welfare modules. Furthermore, DNV A60 certified modules are specially built to resist the extreme conditions found in marine environments. The other two product lines, Steel and

Fiberglass Stackable Modules, offer safe working, sleeping, dining, and general purpose spaces that can be installed both in offshore and onshore settings. The steel version is primarily intended to be used on fixed platforms and inland barges, while the fiberglass version is suitable for non-classed safe area use where regulatory restrictions do not apply or have a limited footprint.

HB Rentals is experienced in Mexican offshore and onshore fields. One of the most meaningful offshore projects has been the temporary living quarters (TLQ) accommodation program developed for Far Sentinel, a 15,000 gross ton subsea station owned and managed by Farstad Shipping. The accommodation program consisted of facilities for 84 people on board, each one formed by seven A60-ABS/ USCG twelve-man sleeper modules and one change room module. The TLQ supplied by HB Rentals complemented the 130 people-on-board permanent facilities already located in the Far Sentinel. This ambitious project was particularly challenging because of the short timeframe that Farstad had to select and install the entire complex and relocate it in Mexican waters. Nonetheless, the facility was completed in time, and HB Rentals is now offering after-sales services to Farstad from its new operations and service office in Ciudad del Carmen, which was opened to better serve the needs of oil companies operating in Mexico.