Crane and Lifting Solutions for Oil and Gas Projects

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 13:43

Companies that offer integrated lifting and transportation solutions for the oil and gas industry are a crucial component in the process of constructing oil and gas projects. ESEASA Construcciones is one of the leading companies in this area, with the largest and most complex cranes and lifting equipment in Latin America. The familyowned company, which started its operations in Tamaulipas almost 20 years ago, not only provides heavy lifting equipment and cranes, but also solutions for engineering, permitting, transportation, logistics, assembly, and installation on bigger and more complex structures. “We aim always to provide the highest quality security-certified solutions in the market,” says Daniel Santos Lara, CEO of ESEASA Construcciones.

One of the company’s most successful projects, which was completed in 2012, was the transportation of vast structures and the provision of services for the installation of a new desulfurization plant at the Minatitlán refinery. As part of the project ESEASA Construcciones reinforced bridges, removed overpasses, and secured a reliable high-tension power supply to ensure the e·cient transportation of these structures onto the refinery site, where they were then assembled and installed. In terms of logistics, ESEASA Construcciones works with the Ministry of Communication and Transport (SCT), local transit authorities, and Federal Police in order to transport large structures safely and e·ciently. “They usually give us a timeframe and a program, and we adapt to their schedule in order to avoid any safety hazards,” Santos Lara says. “The process of transporting and installing these structures is extremely complicated, so it is essential that we work hand in hand with service companies such as ICA and Dragados. Those companies are in charge of operating the plant, while our task is to facilitate the transportation and assembly of the structures.”

ESEASA Construcciones is also currently working on the transportation of one of the largest and heaviest structures for the Etileno XXI petrochemical plant in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. For this specific project, the company acquired a rare 3,000 ton crane worth around US$32 million. Santos Lara is confident that the company, which has been involved in every Pemex refinery project in Mexico, will also play a role in the construction of the new Tula refinery. “The project has not been awarded to anyone yet,” he says, “but we are sure that whoever is awarded the project will require our lifting and transportation solutions.”

One of the main reasons for ESEASA Construcciones being awarded a role in both the Etileno XXI and Minatitlán projects, and being so confident that it will play a part in the Tula refinery project, is the company’s uncompromising safety and quality standards. “We always surpass Pemex’s safety standards; our cranes go above and beyond their regulatory requirements, to satisfy our clients’ needs,” Santos Lara says. In order to fulfill this promise, ESEASA Construcciones’ sta† have been instilled with the firm philosophy that safety comes first. “If any of our highlyqualified personnel have the slightest doubt about any aspect of a project, we go over the plan again to ensure that we always meet our quality and safety standards – and those of our clients, too,” Santos Lara emphasizes. Though Pemex’s safety standards may be below those of ESEASA Construcciones, the company’s CEO believes in the NOC’s commitment to safety issues, which he says is driven by a savvy and highly-trained workforce that is always looking to improve quality and safety at the company, while also respecting the environment. “As a company, Pemex has continuously strived for better quality and safety procedures, as has been the case at ESEASA Construcciones,” he says.

Santos Lara has a strong business ethic, inherited from his father who emphasized hard work, great client service, and the importance of safety, technology, and innovation as pillars of the family business. “My father is still a big part of the company: he still has the final word in every important decision that is made,” he explains. “He has taught me that there are no shortcuts to achieving success – it is something that is achieved by building strong, lasting relationships with your clients. We build a superior service for our clients through investment in safety, technology, and innovation – that is how trustful relationships are established; and looking after these relationships is essential to being a successful company.” Santos Lara also argues that it is these characteristics that have brought ESEASA Construcciones closer to Pemex. “My father taught me the value of Pemex: the company is always proactively looking to advance by investing in technology and quality, with determined, welltrained sta†.” Although ESEASA Construcciones must face competition from other foreign companies that are entering the Mexican market, Santos Lara is certain that the company will continue to be a leader in the Mexican construction industry for years to come. “Our biggest challenge is to continue growing in the face of competition from abroad,” he says. Nevertheless, ESEASA Construcciones plans to expand to other markets, such as Asia and Europe, and increase its presence in the United States and Central America. “We are a family-run business that always aspires to do things the right way, to treat clients and customers with the utmost respect and dignity, and invest in and acquire new technologies and equipment,” he concludes.