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CS&P Moving in Right Direction for Deepwater Exploration

By Karin Dilge | Fri, 07/29/2022 - 11:09

Q: With half a century of experience in the industry, what changes have you overcome and how have your services evolved with the times?

A: In Mexico, the main change we have seen is that the majority of the services have moved from onshore to offshore in the past four years. We were used to providing services for customers onshore but offshore development is on the rise and achieving better results.

Moreover, Mexico is starting to look at increasing its deepwater development, although it has been a process of learning first from its shallow water environment and then moving toward deeper water. Nonetheless, Mexico is heading in the right direction. 

Q: Which of your services are currently most sought-after in Mexico?

A: In Mexico, the company’s most popular equipment is nitrogen pumping equipment, which is used as coiled tubing support in well stimulation and for well repairs. Some customers have expressed an interest in looking for new applications for this equipment but it is mostly used for stimulation, where nitrogen gas is pumped into oil wells to stimulate and enhance production.

Q: How important are your well services for a country like Mexico that is increasingly dependent on mature fields?

A: CS&P’s nitrogen pumping equipment is specifically built to help improve the production of the well by our customers who operate these units when it is neither mature nor young, which also helps to enhance production at regularly producing oil fields. Based on what our customers have told us, our equipment is important in maintaining production throughout a well’s life cycle.

Q: What makes CS&P’s offering unique in terms of added value?

A: In Mexico, our main goal has been not just to design and manufacture. We also try to maintain a close relationship with our clients in terms of aftersales, which is the main reason that brought us here in the first place. CS&P is a US-based company and we were building so many units for our customers in Mexico that it became challenging to keep up with maintenance services. In 2013 The company decided to open an aftersales and technical support building to attend to help its clients promptly. Our main philosophy has been to stay close to the customer, to listen, to respond and to deliver.

Q: What is CS&P’s plan to future-proof itself against an eventual green transition?

A: CS&P is planning on being in the energy sector for as long as we can the Earth exists. The company is already building equipment for some customers that are operating with liquefied natural gas (LNG). We are already preparing to be ahead of the transition and anticipate what is coming because LNG is one of the industry’s fastest-growing sectors. We expect cleaner energy to be required in North America, especially from LNG. The company will do whatever it needs to do to adjust and meet the demand. CS&P strives to move in the same direction of its clients.

Q: What do you make of the prospect of increased deepwater exploration in Mexico and how can CS&P play a part in this?

A: Deepwater activity is growing stronger and will materialize soon. We have seen a sizable increase in demand from customers using our equipment for offshore applications, both for the storage of liquid nitrogen as well as the pumping equipment itself. We feel confident about the upcoming offshore projects that CS&P will be working on.

Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst