Gerardo Flores
Strategic Account Manager for PEMEX
View from the Top

Deepwater Goes Digital

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 15:58

Q: What role will digitalization play in the development of Mexico’s new deepwater sector?

A: It will play a very important role. Since the segment is almost starting from ground zero there is an excellent opportunity to adopt digitalization strategies from day one. ABB’s Collaborative Operations, Intelligent Infrastructure, Engineering, Services and Applications is our core platform for digitalization. ABB uses digitalization and analytics to provide expert guidance, actionable information and process enhancement.

Q: How can ABB help PEMEX with its transformation into a competitive deepwater player?

A: We have had talks with PEMEX in the past regarding deepwater. PEMEX now has partners for its Trion farm-out (BHP Billiton) and Area 3 of Perdido (Chevron and INPEX), thus PEMEX will work out decisions to successfully develop these fields with its new partners. ABB has an extensive offering for deepwater solutions so hopefully we will take part in these new projects.

Q: How will ABB adapt its strategy to match the needs of private companies after years of working with PEMEX?

A: Our portfolio is suited for process applications and oil and gas solutions that fit both IOCs and NOCs. As a global company, we do business with IOCs all over the world and we have strong engineering and execution capabilities locally. PEMEX’s strategy was set to move ahead mainly in associations, therefore we expect to have a good balance between private clients and PEMEX. There is no question that our High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) is a practical solution for powering shallow-water installations but time will tell if it is needed for future offshore field development.

Q: What challenges must PEMEX overcome in financing and culture to implement the latest automation technologies?

A: Despite its financing problems, PEMEX has made good progress on cultural change. One of its main changes is to focus on core businesses instead of doing everything. Adopting international best practices will also reduce the cost of projects and extend the lifespan of its assets.

Q: How do the technologies offered by ABB help oil and gas companies increase efficiency and reduce costs?

A: With intelligent services and cloud platform services we provide a common cloud solution, based on Azure, that combines ABB, Microsoft and third-party components for advanced collaboration and digital services. These reduce costs because there is no need for unnecessary hardware. We can also contribute to increased safety and enhanced operations through various services and applications such as our online simulators, alarm management, loop performance monitor and our cybersecurity system, for example.

Q: How do ABB’s digital solutions help transform information into knowledge to improve operations?

A: Automating production requires processing large amounts of data and the volume of data processing increases with the complexity of the production processes. As production advances, variables combine to diminish productivity. Finding the causes of inefficiency is a challenge. ABB Advanced Services identifies sources of issues that inhibit peak performance in equipment and processes and provides recommendations to resolve issues quickly and systematically. Recommendations are prioritized based on actions that deliver the greatest economic return.

Q: What does integrated digitalization mean and how could this be implemented in Mexico?

A: Many companies are talking about integrated digitalization, a term that already has too many meanings. At ABB we do more than connecting products and merging processes. We make people the priority. This is what sets us apart from other companies. We start with data and analytics – placing information into the hands of people who can act on it. Furthermore, we offer the consultative expertise to put that information into the best practice possible.