Deepwater Service Providers are Ready for Mexico

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 17:47

The goal of every deepwater operator is to successfully identify the drilling target, reach that target in the shortest period of time, and achieve this at the lowest possible cost. To this end, exploration projects depend heavily on the quality, accuracy, and visibility of the data associated with drilling programs.

Tim Sylvester, Vice President at Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies, explains that his company’s real-time drilling decision support solutions deployed on rigs for drilling contractors, providing smart agents to the drilling and geological stakeholders within the client’s organization, can be part of the solution. By employing SiteCom Well Advisor, technical experts are able to monitor the progress of any well drilled, immediately intervene when necessary to take corrective action, and eliminate non-productive time. Furthermore, SiteCom is an integrated well monitoring and early warning system that represents a step-change improvement in operational safety, well construction efficiency, and well integrity management. Based around operational consoles that integrate pertinent real-time data from onboard infrastructure, diagnostic tools, and models, SiteCom delivers decision-making capabilities to minimize risk and maximize performance.

Furthermore, Sylvester explains that Kongsberg offers a complete asset lifecycle program that allows the operator to design, model, and operate the asset while monitoring the condition and remaining life of elements such as process equipment, risers, and subsea equipment. “Our experience in environmental monitoring and asset integrity management is based on projects in the North Sea, US Gulf of Mexico, and offshore Brazil, working in partnership with ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Chevron, ConocoPhillips

Statoil, and Petrobras,” explains Sylvester. “Additionally, our capabilities have been built over many years of R&D, product testing, and extensive field verification, during which we have worked closely with many NOCs as well as IOCs to deploy solutions of the highest quality and reliability.”

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies is also eager to bring its wide range of subsea solutions to Mexico. “With over 1,000 completed projects for floating production systems, riser towers, and drilling rigs, Kongsberg provides engineering and consultancy services for risers, umbilicals, flow lines, and subsea production systems for the oil and gas industry,” explains Sylvester.

However, the key to successful development in Mexico is efficiency: in people and in capital and operational expenses. It is important to realize that MX$1 billion saved from operations is as important as MX$1 billion of increased production revenue. According to Sylvester, it is Kongsberg’s ambition to facilitate Mexico’s transition to a more human and fiscal capital efficient oil and gas industry, which can be achieved through a well-trained and effective workforce. Taking advantage of the company’s decision support and simulation solutions will enable the workforce to drill effectively, deliver world-class production operations, and extend the life of hydrocarbon and operating assets. The key is to introduce these technologies and concepts early in the project lifecycle. Sylvester states: “Kongsberg’s full suite of offerings allow the Mexican oil and gas sector to take full advantage of the technology from early exploratory drilling activities, through project design, construction, operations, and redevelopment.”