Alejandro Ríos
General Manager
Artelia Cal y Mayor
View from the Top

Developing the Gas Station of the Future

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 20:24

Q: How did Artelia Group enter the Mexican market?

A: Artelia has more than 20 years of experience in downstream in Europe, Middle East and Asia. In 2018, we acquired a company called Auxitec, which specializes in specific types of midstream projects. These two fronts placed us on the road toward the downstream work we currently do in Mexico and midstream in the future.

Q: How would you describe the idea of the 'Gas Station of the Future' and the role it can play in Mexico?

A: Artelia Group bases its design and engineering principles on the needs of its customers. Today, rather than talk about gas stations, we talk about commercial spaces. This is where customers not only fill up their gas tanks but can enjoy a great meal, shop, visit a historical site, and take a break. This approach prompts us to consider other variables, such as meeting the needs of potential customers, considering location and context. There are many opportunities like these in Mexico.

Q: What role does the 'Gas Station of the Future' have in promoting the use of alternative fuels such as natural gas?

A: While they can definitely play an important role, centralized regulation that can support and promote an increase in demand is necessary for Mexico to have a permanent presence in alternative fuels, such as VNG and LPG. For example, the French government gave permission to certain trucks and cargo vehicles to transport these fuels and that created enough demand for these projects to become very attractive. We have already done some benchmarking in Mexico but there has been a lack of feedback due to the lack of demand. The Mexican market still has a long way to go in regards to public policies and regulations needed to jump-start this business.