Diavaz Awarded US$265 Million PEMEX Contract
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Diavaz Awarded US$265 Million PEMEX Contract

Photo by:   Petróleos Mexicanos Twitter
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Conal Quinn By Conal Quinn | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 04/25/2022 - 18:29

Almost two years after the conclusion of contract 42040916, the marine construction firm Diavaz has been awarded contract 648810816, worth more than MX$9 billion (US$265 million dollars). The ruling on the international public auction for the 823-2022-CATG-93683-2-Marine Pipelines, which was originally scheduled for May 9, 2022, was brought forward to last week, leaving Diavaz as the sole bidder. 


The bidding process, which abides by Article 134 of Mexico’s Constitution as well as Chapter 13 of the USMCA Treaty, began on April 5 following a pre-qualification stage from March 3 to March 22. The contract regarding the operations of PEMEX E&P’s offshore pipelines represents the second multi-million dollar awarded to Diavaz during this presidential term. It will be signed on April 28 at PEMEX's offices in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, and will be valid for 978 days, from April 29, 2022 to Dec. 31, 2024.


The first major contract DMGP Servicios de Integridad, the consortium comprised of the firms Mexssub, Geystar and Diavaz, received during the current administration came under major scrutiny from The Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) after it was revealed by a whistleblower that Sergio Aceves Borbolla, then CEO of Diavaz,was awarded the contract behind closed doors, without an open-bidding process. Contract number 648810816, signed on Dec. 31, 2020, put Diavaz in charge of the construction of a second platform at PP-Maloob-B in the Campeche Bank. This contract totaled more than MX$7 billion (US$ 346 million), with the stated purpose of providing PEMEX with "repair services, maintenance, technical assistance, the supply of spare parts, equipment and tools.” At the time, PEMEX responded to the criticism by insisting that only Diavaz were capable of performing the task of transporting and distributing hydrocarbons stored and acclimatized at the maritime terminals of Dos Bocas.


Under Felipe Calderón’s administration, Diavaz received its first mammoth contract, number 420409807, which was signed for MX$19,349,157,770.9 (US$ 956.5 million) to ensure “the integrity and reliability of the hydrocarbons transportation system by pipeline” and ran from May 4, 2009 to May 3, 2019.


In Feb. 2022, Diavaz also received the seal of approval from industry regulator CNH to expand development of the onshore Ébano field in northeastern Mexico, 20km west of Tampico, with an initial investment of US$1 million to continue exploration work. Furthermore, the construction company announced plans to install power plants in Tabasco, which will reuse waste gas from nearby PEMEX facilities to reduce environmental pollution.


Photo by:   Petróleos Mexicanos Twitter

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