Jesús Lamas
Former General Manager for Mexico and Central America
View from the Top

Digital Transformation Has Palpable Horizon

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 16:35

Q: What are the main opportunities for Schlumberger with the Mexican market’s transition to multiple-client dynamic?

A: The Mexican market opening presents a unique opportunity for us to work with new customers. This evolution of the market has allowed us to capitalize on years of local experience and knowledge developed from more than 80 years of continuous presence in Mexico. Experience and best practices have enabled us to make the best decisions when it comes to the selection of services and the specific technologies to be used when facing land and offshore challenges. Schlumberger onshore integrated services for well intervention exemplify the application of this expertise. Customers are looking for innovative solutions based on a strong knowledge of the reservoirs and local execution. For the offshore environment, we are the first service company in Mexico to provide solutions for sand control issues.

Q: How does Schlumberger form alliances with local companies to provide comprehensive services to IOCs in and arriving to Mexico?

A: Schlumberger is proud to be part of the country’s oil and gas history. From the very first years in Mexico we developed a strong supply chain organization by building relationships with local suppliers. Particularly, during the last 20 years when Schlumberger opened the integrated services market, our relationship with local suppliers was taken to the next level, developing them through training and by transferring important elements of our HSE Management System. In this period, we drilled more than 3,000 wells for 25 different projects, meeting the increased scope of work using integrated services business models that would not have been possible without the help of these local partners.

Q: What are the main challenges Schlumberger has encountered in introducing new technologies and innovations in Mexico’s O&G sector?

A: The oil fields in Mexico present many technical challenges, hence this has always been fertile ground to implement new technologies. Our experience in Mexico is that as long as new technologies have a proven added value, our clients will embrace them swiftly. The next big opportunity for the oil and gas industry, particularly in Mexico, is the implementation of innovative technologies to reach a full digital transformation; strategic deployment of artificial intelligence, analytics, robotics and blockchain will help to increase efficiency, productivity, reliability and predictability of operations.

Q: What are the challenges that IOCs are encountering in their drilling operations and how do Schlumberger’s services overcome them?

A: Our contributions have ranged from what we have done to differentiate our own multi-client library and also what we are doing for companies that have contracted our services. The first way we can help operators reduce the risk of investing in Mexico is through our multi-client library. WesternGeco has the most advanced and complete multi-client seismic data library in Mexico, allowing detailed evaluation of our own blocks or opportunities to invest in prospective partner blocks, a true advantage in the exploration phase that greatly reduces the need for highrisk, high-cost proprietary seismic acquisitions. Another way we can help these new operators is with our integrated solution portfolio that enables our clients a quick start with a limited footprint during this highly uncertain early phase. Lastly, our large footprint in Mexico where we deploy all the service business lines means that customers can obtain readily and locally all of Schlumberger’s services.

Q: What are the most emblematic projects that Schlumberger has taken on in Mexico over the last year?

A: The initial results for Round 1 blocks tendered offshore to IOCs and PEMEX have yielded extraordinary results. Schlumberger had and continues to have a strong participation in several of these operations. We are proud to have been awarded the provision of sand control products and services, as well as upper and lower completion accessories for Eni development campaign in Mexican waters.


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