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Diversification Crucial to Market Competitiveness: Grupo Roales

Rodolfo Esquivel - Grupo Roales
Director General


Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/08/2023 - 09:16

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Q: How has your portfolio changed in recent years to ensure flexibility in your operations? 

A: In 2Q22, the company won a contract that drove us to become a consignee and a vessel operator, avoiding subcontracting and increasing the company’s response capacity with its clients. In January 2023, we signed a commercial alliance to participate in new service lines, such as torque control, hydrostatic testing, cold cutting and tensioners. These lower-maintenance services will strengthen our maintenance business line and Roales’ Non-Destructive Tests (PNDs) activities with the aim of providing integral services and diversifying our client portfolio. 

Q: How have Roales’ PNDs evolved in the Mexican market?

A: The PND is the main method for any maintenance program. In Mexico, PNDs are used to check process lines and tanks that are subject to pressure without causing damage.

Over the past six years, Roales has increasingly signed PND contracts and has become a specialist in the technique. Initially, the company did the tests at its own facilities. Now, we carry out the co-site analysis with more robust equipment and have strengthened inspection with a new technique called Rope Access. 

Q: How has the company improved its technological know-how to provide specialized contractor services to PEMEX? 

A: Two alliances have helped us a great deal in that regard. First, we have an alliance with universities in the southeast of the country that are dedicated to the oil industry. Second, we have allied directly with equipment manufacturers. In February 2022, we established our own training centers at manufacturers’ facilities. 

Q: What latest technologies has the company integrated into its services? 

A: We are introducing new radiographic equipment. Previously, this was only digitized but now it is also computerized. The difference is that it is a more robust piece of equipment that can endure different temperatures and humidity. These are machines that can operate in extreme conditions. 

Roales is also introducing new equipment capable of analyzing short and long waves. Before, two machines were needed. Now, our software update means we only need one.   

Q: What opportunities does the company see in Campeche to further develop and enhance the oil and gas industry there? 

A: Roales was born in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, and most of its experience comes from there. The company knows the market very well. We think the market will further consolidate with the Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco. Right now, we are trading services for the refinery and entering its mechanical integrity contract. These construction works will strengthen Campeche and Ciudad del Carmen will continue to be the capital state for the oil and gas industry in Mexico. 

Roales is also looking to enter other niche markets beyond the oil industry. In Yucatan, for example, we are working on the Mayan Train in aggregates and rock crushing, which have nothing to do with the oil industry. 

Q: What are the company’s main objectives for 2023?

A: The company wants to maintain its position in the market. Unfortunately, several companies have had to close operations due to different issues like COVID-19 and devaluation. Our objective is to keep business running and, to do that, we will have to diversify and be more efficient every day. 


Grupo Roales is a regional leader in technical and corporate staffing, as well as supply-chain services. Outsourcing, project management consulting and offshore catering are among its services.

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