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Drilling Fluids Improve Environmental Performance, Reduce Costs

By Cas Biekmann | Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:38

Q: What is Clear Solutions’ added value to the Mexican market?

A: Clear Solutions is an England-based manufacturer of chemical products that started in the mining industry. For about nine years the company focused its efforts in the mining sector and established itself in Europe and some parts of Africa. Five years ago, we migrated our attention to cater to the oil and gas sector, which is now our primary focus. Clear Solutions is a relatively small company with 21 employees, and we design and develop our own products, such as drilling fluids.

We consider sustainability our added value. We want to help companies raise the bar and meet their environmental goals. This issue is not as common in Latin America as it is in Europe. We work with drilling fluids and seek to improve sustainability and performance by reducing the environmental footprint and minimizing waste. Today, operators entering the market want companies that offer more holistic approaches and that is precisely what we can offer.

Q: How do your products help companies comply with environmental regulations in Mexico?

A: We consider regulations of key areas and adapt our products to them. For example, our products already comply with our original market located in the North Sea. Clear Solutions’ goal is to promote minimum environmental impact. One of our main products is called Pure-Bore, which can be used to drill a variety of reservoir and formations. Also, it can be used to drill near groundwater resources because it offers additional protection for water resources. Regulations do not require the enforcement of these measures yet, but within 10 years this will surely change. Our products do not use heavy metals and are nontoxic, meaning that cleaning up after operations becomes rather simple.

Mexico might not be very open to fracking, but regardless of whether it takes on fracking or not, the country will see much more drilling in the future than it does today. We contribute to faster affected area recovery and allow for more controlled drilling than conventional technologies. We are establishing ourselves in the market and are in the process of finding clients. Our goal is to have complementary commercial partners, and we will switch up our commercial strategies depending on our businesses.

Q: How does Clear Solutions demonstrate its efficiency?

A: We are an operation-focused company, with a knowledge based on the circumstances and the state of the current fields. Our products offer performance beyond traditional technologies: we provide efficiency in the drilling process, which results in a higher Rate of Perforation, with less fluid used and smaller waste generation, leading to a smaller environmental footprint.

These related costs categories are reduced by 20-30 percent as per historical records. Our efficiency also means less waste-related transport is needed and less machinery is required. This affects operational times and schedules in a positive way and makes the drilling and intervention process more practical. Our fluids give operators a very precise tool to control, making complex procedures easier due to lesser variability and more constant performance.

Q: What are your short-term goals in the Mexican market?

A: By the end of 2019 we aim to have two applications for our product in Mexico, both offshore and on land. However, even though our product is fully developed, it always takes time for a company to run trials and follow proper adaptation processes. We think we can provide an interesting value for oil and gas operations, in both conventional and unconventional resources, including well interventions. For a smaller company like Clear Solutions, the well intervention market is rather interesting in Mexico because companies such as ours can provide more from a niche within the market.


Clear Solutions focuses on the research and development of ecological and high-performance drilling fluid products. It also offers companies technical support to help improve their performance.

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