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Driving Digital Innovation in Mexico’s Oil and Gas Industry

By Pedro Alcalá | Wed, 05/25/2022 - 14:43

Q: How has Endress+Hauser restructured its portfolio of activities over the past two years?

A: For the past few years, we have been working to offer our clients a digital service that allows them to buy our equipment through our website. The pandemic only made this effort more important. Customer service had always been face to face but we also had to turn this service remote via online meetings. These changes were not without benefits, however: they allowed us to reach clients further afield easily, since an engineer no longer needed to be on site to address issues.

This not only saves money but allows for a quicker response time, as well as the ability to address the maintenance needs of a number of clients simultaneously. Before, we could only see to one client at a time.  Another important development was the streamlining and simplification of our process for static measurements via greater digitalization, which reduced the time needed to take measurements and complete inventory calculations. Data collection and processing has also been entirely digitalized, which cuts out paperwork and removes the risk of human error.  We are also making use of digital resources to make communication more efficient. 

Q: Having just entered Mexico’s oil and gas sector, what are the biggest questions customers are raising in this industry? 

A: Currently, the biggest demand is to enable companies to resume activities that were left unfinished during the pandemic. Another key concern is maintenance, such as inspecting gas analyzers at facilities. It was very important for the company to pick up relationships where we left them off, especially with top clients such as PEMEX. Their refineries and facilities require a great deal of attention. We endeavored to visit all these sites to take measurements and see what would be required to get business up and running again. 

Q: How has PEMEX sought to invest in its facilities and equipment and how has this shifted the dynamic between Endress+Hauser and the NOC?

A: It has been somewhat complicated in recent years. For example, investment has often been put on hold. However, with the latest news from President López Obrador, it appears there will be more investment to get the NOC back up and running again. They want to get projects started again that were put on hold and carry out essential maintenance at both refineries, distribution terminals and E&P facilities. Despite the previous downturns in the industry, our relationship with PEMEX has always been good. Endress+Hauser is committed to meeting the state oil company’s needs while providing the cutting-edge technology it requires. 

Q: How is PEMEX embracing digital transformation and moving toward further automation at its facilities? 

A: Historically speaking, PEMEX has been lagging regarding the digital transition. However, in recent years, it has increasingly turned to automation. For example, PEMEX has invested significantly in automating measurements of level and flow, among other variables. The NOC is also making slow but steady progress in storing information in the cloud and making greater use of the internet. 

Q: How does Endress+Hauser communicate the benefits of its services in terms of the security of facilities, especially considering PEMEX’s recent safety hazards? 

A: PEMEX has already identified what it needs, having learned from past mistakes. We assist the NOC in meeting these needs and ensure they meet industry regulations. Endress+Hauser has specifically developed teams to cover the most dangerous areas of PEMEX’s operations. All our equipment and instruments must meet our own stringent safety regulations so that clients can count on us when it comes to improving workplace safety.

Q: How does Endress+Hauser foster a proactive role in its relationship with industry regulators?

A: We have a close relationship with personnel from the industry’s regulatory agencies, who keep us well informed regarding industry standards and safety legislation. We read up on any gray areas and make use of our connections to provide our clients with the information they need.

Q: How does Endress+Hauser promote predictive maintenance in the oil and gas industry?

A: Thanks to our monitoring Solutions, our customers have accurate reports regarding the state of their facilities and predict where maintenance will be required. Our sensors provide up-to-date measurements of pressure and temperature, among other factors, which directly correlates to the deterioration of equipment. Furthermore, all our instruments contain technology that enables self-diagnosis of maintenance issues.


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Pedro Alcalá Pedro Alcalá Senior Journalist & Industry Analyst