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Eagerly Anticipating the Entry of New Players

Rubén Rosiñol Abreu - Tecno Fire


Wed, 01/20/2016 - 16:50

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Q: How have the subjects related to security in the oil and gas industry in Mexico evolved since the Energy Reform, and what has been Tecno Fire’s contribution?

A: This industry has been evolving for a considerable amount of time, even since before the Energy Reform. However, with the entrance of new international players brought in by the bidding rounds, it is expected that the area of industrial security and fire protection will be subject to increased standards and continued innovations, in a constant bid for more effectiveness and efficiency. Tecno Fire has contributed to the industry by providing quality services for 18 years, exceeding the expectations of clients, and remaining at the forefront of innovation and adherence to national and international regulations. The areas within the oil sector that represent the highest sales are the drilling platforms due to the quantity and type of equipment required by each platform. The company has also created consciousness through safety training and protection against fires. To demonstrate our commitment, we invested in the creation of a training center where we teach security courses from the basics of survival in the water and fire combat, to the Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) simulator that trains personnel to escape from a helicopter underwater in the case of accidents.

Q: What type of company does Tecno Fire have among its clients, and what are some of the challenges or problems that the company helped its clients to solve in 2015?

A: The main companies in our portfolio are those that are primarily working within the oil sector, like shipping companies, perforation companies, works and construction companies, other service companies, and of course, PEMEX itself. Installations in Mexico tend to lack a culture of industrial safety and hygiene, as well as failing to comply 100% with the measures of safety established in the Official Mexican Norms. Tecno Fire works directly with the client through risk analysis and offering training courses with qualified trainers who have both national and international certifications and experience.

Tecno Fire offers a guarantee to clients that safety and protection teams will be available at the time a fire or adverse event occurs. We also support clients by providing consulting services so that they have the equipment necessary to protect human lives and installations, without damaging the environment. We reinforce this through our real-time database of all the systems and their components, which allows us to be aware of stock availability at any time, as well as scheduling inspection and maintenance services on the system in an efficient manner.

Q: How does Tecno Fire differentiate itself from other fire safety and protection companies in terms of its proposition and benefits it provides to clients?

A: Tecno Fire’s principal differentiator lies in its ethics and quality in providing services, its adequate and certified installations, and its specialized staff that is certified in national and international norms and standards. The most popular service we offer is the inspection and maintenance of fire prevention systems, and we expect the demand to increase, particularly for perforation equipment as a result of the new players entering the fields awarded in Round One. Moreover, Tecno Fire has the infrastructure necessary to meet the demand for services generated by the entrance of new companies in the oil and gas sector, with installations that are certified by national and international entities. Our installations for the provision of services are located in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche and in the city of Paraiso, Tabasco, and we are in the process of opening offices in Merida, Yucatan and in Cancun, Quintana Roo. In the same way, we have specialist technical personnel and a sales team to cater to the needs of new clients.

Q: What will Tecno Fire do to take advantage of the opportunities that the opening of the oil and gas sector will bring?

A: Tecno Fire will maintain its position at the forefront of innovation in safety equipment and systems, while simultaneously continuing to develop its human capital, which is the foundation of its services. We have the techniques, equipment, and components to cater to future demand. In order to maintain visibility in the Mexican oil and gas sector, Tecno Fire is present at the main national and international expositions in industrial safety and fire protection so that we can familiarize ourselves with the trends and new technologies offered on the market, updating our techniques to reflect new developments. It is through this continuous improvement that we are able to revise each one of our processes and remain up to date with industry trends. Tecno Fire’s main objective is to be the leading company in services, equipment, security systems, and fire protection in both the commercial and industrial oil and gas sector across the national territory. We work every day to reach our objective and align these with our short, medium, and long term goals.

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