Héctor García
Director General
View from the Top

Efficiency, the Road to Success

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 18:42

Q: What specific need does Procarga solve for its clients in the Mexican oil and gas industry?

A: Given our long track record in this industry, we have experienced both periods of prosperity and economic downturns. In 2016, the whole industry suffered from a significant decrease in activity. In 2017, there was a slight recovery and now we are identifying more opportunities for 2019-20. In the majority of cases, we seek to deliver a planned service, accompanied by a consumption program for each client. Past experience demonstrates that efficiency in supply and adapting to the suggestions and requirements of our clients are what have defined the company’s success. Because our commercial offices are located in Ciudad del Carmen, we can provide a rapid response to our customers. In addition, we have several warehouses stocked with inventory. Apart from distributing equipment, we also manufacture lifting elements, such as strobes, steel cables and flat polyester slings. Even though we work with other industries in the country, our bet in this sector is for the long run.

Q: Which products and services are in greatest demand among your clients and how do you balance price and quality?

A: The NOMs that govern oil and gas activities are based on strict international standards. Hence, we make sure our product offer and brand distributors comply with these requirements. At Ciudad del Carmen, our services are focused on exploration and production activities for deepwater operations. Product demand in this area ranges from shackles to hooks, steel cables, perforation lines, strobes and slings. We partner with companies like Crosby and WRCA, which are recognized as premium brands. In terms of pricing, it is not just about cost but durability. A disruption of operations in this industry can lead to major economic losses, so quality needs to be considered in the cost of each product.