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Director General of Osbog
Carlos Alcocer
Carlos Alcocer
Telemetry Manager of Champion Technologies
Champion Technologies
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Efficiency Through a Tailored Approach

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 18:37

Q: What are the main synergies between Champion Technologies and Osbog?

CA: Champion Technologies began developing its interest in telemetry as it began expanding its offering from chemical product supply to integral upstream service provider. At upstream worksites, chemical products pass through a number of instruments, such as injection pumps, pipelines and storage tanks, and our service began focusing more and more on this infrastructure, from procurement and installation to management and engineering. Here is where we identified the value of telemetry in these operations: precise measurements from all of these instruments were essential to the correct design, dispensation and use of not only the instruments themselves but the chemical products as well. The pipelines and instruments that inject flow optimizers, for example, can register a change in essential pressure. Telemetric instruments can measure this change and notify operators in time to address it promptly.

LB: Osbog protects Champion’s products by guaranteeing their effective use. Over time, our work with Champion has specialized us in wellhead telemetry and measurements, an area that presents an enormous potential for growth due to the fact that it has remained somewhat neglected.

Q: What technological processes and capabilities have enabled a smaller company like yours to build a client portfolio that includes NOCs and IOCs?

CA: For Champion Technologies, this began when we budgeted these types of technologies and realized that telemetric equipment of the type we needed was offered at very high prices and was not necessarily adapted to our particular needs. This is what led to our exploration of Osbog’s onsite tailor-made development process as an answer to our telemetry needs. Since assemblage, testing and quality control was included in the service, it inevitably resulted in making our clients’ operations more efficient by cutting down on costs significantly. We have never sold a single piece of equipment. This approach to telemetry can give us the versatility to use whatever components we need and whatever medium of data transmission might be best suited to the worksite in question, such as radio, microwave, satellite or cellular, to move and centralize information into databases that can be easily accessed by our clients.

LB: Our production and manufacturing processes are made greatly efficient by our in-house approach. We are one of the few companies in our specific sector that could be said to promote local content at a whole new level because every single step of our process is completely done by local engineers and facilities. This creates new efficiencies through processes such as the reduced turnaround time of personalized service and the lower production costs with each new generation of products that a wholly-owned and controlled design and manufacturing process can give you. After more than a decade of work, we also have installed infrastructure and personnel in the onshore and offshore regions that we work in, further reducing turnaround, maintenance and repair times.

Q: How does wellhead telemetric technology address the needs of Mexican oil and gas worksites?

CA: A significant amount of our work has been done in the Burgos onshore region, where remote wellhead monitoring plays an essential role in maintaining production continuity, given the many elements that have limited access to the wells themselves. For a significant part of the last decade, organized crime was a big obstacle. Cartels were known to occupy oil and gas land and facilities, making personnel and equipment access unsafe. Our technology enabled the monitoring of these wells nonwithstanding the issues that arose during their operation throughout these years. During the last couple of years, there has been some degree of success in clearing away these hazards but other issues take center stage and continue to create value in the market for telemetric services. These worksites are still extremely remote and the infrastructure to access them is scant and not in great condition. There is a still a great area of opportunity for Operators in terms of worksite efficiency that remote monitoring can bring to the table.


Osbog and Champion Technologies offer real-time telemetry and information management technologies, including electronic and mechanical design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, transmission, processing and publication of data.