Adrian Rodriguez-Montfort
Country Manager Mexico
View from the Top

Engineering Human Capital Solutions

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 16:20

Q: What attracted Brunel to Mexico?

A: After the liberalization of the Mexican oil and gas industry, international and independent operators were the first to enter the country looking to secure contracts and launch operations. As the Energy Reform consolidates through the licensing rounds and contracts are getting signed, companies like Brunel enter the market to support these operators with the best human capital management solutions. In other countries we recognize a market need and enter because we see the opportunity. In Mexico, our global clients are asking us to provide contractor and team build-up solutions as they move forward, making the process market-driven and much faster.

Brunel makes sure its clients can focus on their core business. With our service portfolio, our clients get specialized and highly skilled human resources, allowing the company to focus on finding, identifying, developing and exploiting hydrocarbon resources. The people we manage participate along the entire value chain, so we can offer services not only to operators but to all their contractors. Brunel does not only offer human capital but also the administration of that talent, so our clients do not have to take care of recruitment, payroll or any labor liability. We do it all for them. At its most essential core, we de-risk the operations of our clients in the sense that we get the right person, at the right time, with the right qualifications and experience, and at a competitive cost to them.

Q: What main added-value does Brunel offer?

A: We are very proud of being an extremely flexible organization. Due to the nature of the services we offer, we need to respond extremely quickly to our clients’ needs, while properly managing the local conditions of the market. We have supplied personnel in markets with restricted labor and local content conditions. We have provided personnel in remote areas where there is no proper transportation infrastructure and under rush-hour delivery conditions, such as when a crew cannot take the next shift and the client needs a new crew in just 48 hours. Thanks to our flexibility, we can deliver high-quality solutions in the fastest way possible.

Q: How does Brunel ensure that the human capital it delivers is precisely what its customers need?

A: Our team is made up of highly trained recruiters who know the industry perfectly. They are able to find people with the characteristics that more than fit the job profile. A very simplistic example would be a customer asking us for an offshore driller to cover a three-by-three-day rotation. Beyond the technical and experience requirements, the recruiter will then identify a candidate for the position who can deal with stress, lack of contact from friends and family and even with loneliness. Brunel’s goal is to de-risk the operations of our clients, and by understanding those background requirements that the client might not specifically state, we ensure that the candidates will not put the operation at risk not only because of their technical expertise, but also due to their social and psychological abilities.

Q: How does Brunel help its clients deal with Mexican local content requirements?

A: Because our firm has an engineering background, we analyze every project through its complete life time. Instead of simply offering off-the-shelf solutions, we will find the option that best meets the client’s requirements. For example, if a client from Houston lands a contract in Mexico and needs a worker specialized in the Mexican legal framework, then that worker will most likely be there for the long run, meaning that it is better to employ him in Mexico to better meet local content requirements. If the contract involves a three-month drilling project, the drilling manager will be there for a short period and will therefore not help that much with local content requirements, meaning that he can be hired through our Houston offices. Our experience in the market and our recruitment experts can offer this level of expertise, ensuring the client gets the best solution possible.