Antonio Nombela
Commercial Director
Duro Felguera Oil & Gas

ESCO Opportunities in a New Liberalized Market

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 16:15

Mexico is currently switching its electricity production from fuel to natural gas, which provides a greener and more competitive alternative. Duro Felguera has established itself as part of this transition for a cleaner future by developing the combined cycle plants Epalme II under the ESCO modality. This is the latest project that it has undertaken as part of its three decades serving the Mexican oil, gas, and electricity industries. “Mexico has always been a key location for Duro Felguera in Latin America and will continue being so, especially given the recent market liberalization,” says Antonio Nombela, the firm’s Commercial Director. Moreover, the company is also looking into the benefits this shift in electricity presents in terms of infrastructure. “We currently offer every type of installation that is related to natural gas, such as liquefied and regasification terminals, storage, ducts, and electricity generating plants that are fed by natural gas,” Nombela lists. “Additionally, we can set up a complete integration between two installations with the dual objective of helping our clients achieve a more efficient generation and reduce operative costs.”

In Nombela’s view, his clients benefit from a contractor that is able to develop turnkey ESCO projects. "Our 360-degree philosophy about suppliers and services allows us to guide our clients from the beginning of a project, at which point we offer services like viability studies, conceptual and property engineering, and FEED, all the way to operation, labor, and maintenance,” he explains. LNG infrastructure is one of the company’s areas of interest. “We are a pioneer, along with the associated Japanese enterprise, IHI, in the development of all types of LNG infrastructure, particularly in Mexico, where we worked on the regasification terminal in Altamira. We are present throughout the value chain of natural gas and have specific technology that we want to put to the service of the Mexican industry,” Nombela asserts.