Finding Pathways Into the Industry For Premium Component Supplier
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Finding Pathways Into the Industry For Premium Component Supplier

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Hector Dominguez - SAMSON Control Mexico
Director General


Q: How would you describe the evolution of SAMSON’s involvement in Mexico’s oil and gas sector?

A: When I first started working with SAMSON approximately 20 years ago, we did not have any products that were exclusively for the oil and gas industry. We worked extensively for the offshore and marine sector in various ways but getting directly involved with the oil and gas sector was a complicated endeavor. Over the years, SAMSON has evolved and its desire to participate in the oil and gas industry has grown and matured. Today, we offer a number of products tailored to the needs of this sector and certified by relevant industry authorities. SAMSON has also pursued a policy of partnerships and acquisitions in the sector, including the purchase of companies such as Ringo Valves, whose core business and product lines have been directed toward the global oil and gas industry. Throughout this evolution, SAMSON has developed a reputation in the industry for reliable products in all segments of the value chain, from upstream to downstream, for onshore and offshore worksites.

Q: How have you developed your oil and gas products according to the needs of the industry?

A: We identified these needs from our work in the chemical and petrochemical industries, and from our general experience in transformation industries. When working in oil and gas, we had to take into account the sheer scale of the industry. It is simply a much larger market than any of the others we participate in, so we had to think bigger in our approach to design, manufacturing and supply lines. We have developed valves that directly address the oil and gas industry’s need for safe, efficient and productive operations, and their certifications back that up.

Q: How are your products different from others in the market based on their maintenance and repair needs?

A: The technical specs of our product lines are quite varied in this regard. Procurement engineers need to make sure that their choices from our catalogue are adjusted to their calculations and budgets. In general, our globe control valves are famous because they are so simple to maintain and repair. Their usability and versatility are also quite renowned. Our valves and our actuators are user friendly for maintenance crews and their working life span is significant. We could almost say we are at a disadvantage due to the elevated quality of our product since our aftermarket opportunities are quite reduced because the repair and spare part replacement needs of our products are very minimal. We are also developing software that can gather data related to a valve’s behavior to further predict and optimize all functions.

Q: What are the modalities and structures through which you deploy your products and services in Mexico’s oil and gas industry?

A: We are in the midst of shifting our paradigms in that regard. SAMSON used to focus on working directly with our end clients, and we do want to keep those channels open in certain market niches. Nevertheless, in Mexico’s oil and gas industry we know that we have to optimize our approach to intermediaries, EPCs, integrators and service providers. We know PEMEX will be our product’s end user so we have to make sure that our work through the NOC’s contractors is meaningful and that no value and information regarding our products gets lost in the process, so a closer working relationship with those contractors is required to guarantee that. We want to build more partnerships so that alternative channels of communication and assistance can be provided to end users if required. We have to engage with the complexity of the oil and gas industry because understanding the dynamics of this sector is essential to expanding the presence and coverage of our products.


SAMSON Controls develops and manufactures high-quality industrial components, such as valves, regulators, actuators, converters, accessories and automation systems. It works with various global industries.

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