Erika Pino
General Manager
Venus Offshore

Flexible Containers for a Challenging Market

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 13:23

Being a young company with a knack for innovation, the primary motivation of Venus Offshore was the growing demand for transportation for offshore equipment. This was followed by the need for the structures required to protect the materials, machines, and equipment during transit. At this point, Erika Pino, General Manager of Venus Offshore, explains that the decision was made to create installations within containers, equipped with meeting rooms, laboratories, offices, and dining areas, and any other features required by a client. Last year, the company grew by 80%, and this year it plans to triple that growth, fueled by its recent expansion to Tampico, and operations scheduled to start in Dos Bocas, Tabasco. “These are strategic locations as they serve as the main ports in terms of activity in Mexico, and the containers serve an essential need for those working offshore,” Pino claims. Venus Offshore is investing in personnel and more offices in order to be close to the client base. After the current Tampico and Dos Bocas expansions, it is looking to establish operations in Oaxaca and Baja California, and then it wants to begin exporting the containers.

Venus Offshore’s integral service means that all the components linked to the container such as logistics assessments, electric installation, and transport services are included in the price. If the client requires maintenance for the container, the company provides it, at a much lower cost than other suppliers. At the moment, according to Pino, customers tend to rent the containers due to the current hostile environment and the expense of the containers at up to US$40,000. She highlights the savings clients can obtain from Venus Offshore products, as construction of  a traditional building would involve much more materials, consultation, and paperwork. “One company requested a building consisting of four asymmetric vertically-stacked containers, with stairs linking the four floors, and each one was designed for a different production segment. We installed facilities like sliding doors and a roof garden, but we can also design simple containers if the client requires,” Pino discloses.

Despite this year’s environment of uncertainty, Pino shares that the company has seen a growing demand, mainly due to the increase of foreign companies entering the market in the Yucatan. “The first thing we are doing is preparing data based on the participants in the round, and we are arranging to visit them directly before they arrive in Mexico,” she asserts. “At the moment, most of the companies have operations in Houston, and we would like to establish links with these companies in anticipation of their market entry.” Pino shares that Venus Offshore has overcome the odds and managed to close around 40-60% of the contracts. Given the stale prices in the market where Venus Offshore operates, Pino strives to offer a competitive pricing scale in addition to high quality customer services, for which the company’s logistics team is in constant contact with the customer.