Jesús Grande
President Latin America
Baker Hughes, a GE Company
View from the Top

Fullstream Activities in a Fully Open Country

Tue, 05/29/2018 - 15:24

Q: Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) calls itself the world’s first and only fullstream company. What does that mean and how does it apply to Mexico?

A: Being fullstream means that our products and services extend across the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. This comprehensive coverage was made possible by bringing together the outstanding products and the cutting-edge digital industrial capabilities of GE Oil & Gas, with the innovative technologies and excellent services from Baker Hughes. The combination of both companies’ capabilities results in a value that is much higher than the sum of the parts. No other player in the market can match that.

Today, Mexico is one of the most promising growth opportunities for the oil and gas industry in Latin America and BHGE is ready and eager to support its customers in their upcoming plans.

Q: How does BHGE offer a higher added value to the different players in the Mexican oil and gas industry?

A: Our offering varies according to our customers, and we have the ability to add value to all of them in different ways. For PEMEX, which is and will remain for some time the largest player in Mexico, and for all the new players, our goal is to generate value through the optimization of their operations and maximizing efficiencies. Our contributions range from data acquisition from exploration wells to process optimization through the reduction of AFEs for drilling and completions, as well as preventive maintenance at refineries.

When it comes to the IOCs entering the Mexican market, and having worked with all of them all over the world, our value proposition is to remain a reliable partner that understands their specific requirements and work processes, while having broad experience working in projects in Mexico.

With regards to independents, we have a strong value proposition through our integrated fullstream offering, which has the potential to simplify their operations in Mexico.

Q: What business opportunity does BHGE identify in deepwater Mexico?

A: While we know that it will take time for Mexico’s deepwater areas to reach a development phase, BHGE sees a great opportunity and is well-positioned for the deployment of its products and services given our wide experience in deepwater operations, specifically on the US side of the Gulf of Mexico and in Brazil. From reservoir evaluation to drilling and completions to leading subsea and topside equipment, we have a portfolio that reduces TOTEX to help bring costs down for offshore operations.

Q: What opportunities did the opening of the market bring to the local supply chain?

A: The entrance of the IOCs into Mexico, complementing the existing industry requirements, has the potential to expand and improve the local supply chain. The anticipated activity growth and the application of additional best practices could mark the beginning of a virtuous cycle that would make the local offering of products and services more competitive, and even safer and more environmentally friendly. The whole industry should benefit from this.

BHGE is an important player in Mexico, with operations, engineering and manufacturing in the country, and it has the ability and knowledge to adapt to the changing requirements of the markets where it operates. We are determined to become an even larger and more robust supplier to all our customers in Mexico.

Q: How does BHGE contribute to improving the local supply chain in Mexico?

A: We have a wide footprint in the country that does not only include our products and services but also manufacturing facilities and even a large GE engineering center in Queretaro, where our application engineers work to deploy some of our technologies.

Our contribution to the supply of products and services in Mexico is based primarily on the knowledge and motivation of our people, on our world-class technologies, on our devotion to services, our industrial-digital enablement and our ability to integrate our offering from the reservoir to the production facilities.

We are committed to strengthening our presence in Mexico by leveraging all the experience that we have gathered around the world, whether in deepwater or in shale developments, to help our customers maximize their results and improve operational efficiencies.

Q: What is BHGE’s top goal for the end of 2018 in Mexico?

A: Our objectives in 2018 are simple. We want to grow and strengthen our presence and our business with all our customers working or planning to start working in Mexico. We want to remain the leaders in HSE, quality and integrity throughout our activities. We want our people motivated and engaged, giving 100 percent of their efforts to supporting our customers.