Pablo Álvarez
Director General
Excellence Sea and Land Logistics
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Gateway for Petrochemicals from Abroad

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 20:28

Q: Why did Grupo Idesa decide to create Excellence Sea and Land Logistics?

A: Grupo Idesa acquired the terminal in 2011. The company identified a trend in the market given PEMEX’s lack of supply of raw materials and decided to invest in a terminal that would be able to import the raw materials for the group’s petrochemical processes but also for the rest of the industry. We wanted to be a gateway for those petrochemicals that are not produced locally and need to be sourced from abroad. Since then, the terminal has been transformed into a world-class facility that can handle a variety of products. With the Energy Reform, we are now able to provide gasoline storage and distribution services. Excellence Sea and Land is the only marine storage facility that Grupo Idesa has. The group has another inland storage facility located in Tlaxcala, which is halfway to Mexico City.

Q: How is the company adjusting its infrastructure to fit the future needs of the industry?

A: The Port of Veracruz is the oldest and most important port in Mexico and has undergone an expansion and construction of new terminals for general cargo, containers and liquids. We are expanding the terminal to double its capacity but we are still short on meeting demand. Even if all operators doubled their capacity, we still would not be able to do it. The Energy Reform now allows the import of gasoline and diesel, pushing demand even higher. We cannot build tanks at the rate the market demands and there is also not enough space to do so at some ports. We encourage the government to develop the ports and create more space for the construction of storage terminals. We hope to successfully complete the expansion of our ports in 2019- 2020. The expansion of this terminal is Grupo Idesa’s largest project in the next two years, after our sodium cyanide plant.