Miguel Gama
General Manager for Latin America
View from the Top

Giving LATAM the Attention it Deserves

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 11:11

Q: As Shockwatch expands into Latin America for the first time, what is your perception of the Mexican market?

A: Mexico is a fundamental market in our Latin American business strategy. Historically, Shockwatch focused on the US and European markets and more recently on Asia. But our strategy changed in 2015 when Tony Fonk was appointed as CEO and we will now pay the Latin American market the attention it deserves. Many of our customers across different industries are based in Mexico, so it is vital for us to expand our business here.

Q: Which type of companies would be your ideal partner in the Mexican market?

A: Shockwatch already has extensive relationships with end clients across several sectors globally, including the oil and gas, transformer and electrical, chemical, manufacturing and automobile industries, so the benefits of our products are well known and excel in two areas. First, they can process Big Data, enabling users to proactively and securely monitor infrastructure. Secondly, they ensure the proper delivery of goods through supervision of the logistics process. All these sectors benefit from our products and experience.

Q: Shockwatch’s OpsWatch is an innovative technology. How is it being adapted in the oil and gas market?

A: Our OpsWatch is a new product that has been successfully accepted by the market. We are testing this product in fracking facilities in the US, in the transportation of a certain type of sand. This heavy material is transported in large quantities and operators must comply with strict deadlines to fulfill contractual terms. Our OpsWatch is central to this mission-critical operation. The device can monitor for failures in the moving, generator and rotating devices of sand pumps. This enables the operators to avoid any economic and legal risk.

Q: As PEMEX transforms into a productive enterprise of the state, do you view it as an ally?

A: Since we are just beginning to do business in Mexico, having access to PEMEX would be a dream, but initially our goal is to work with its suppliers. We also want to reach out to CFE, which will need to monitor many variables in its transmission and distribution operations. We are experts and market leaders in vibration and impact monitoring, so we strive to offer these particular services. Although we won’t work with CFE and PEMEX in the early stages of our expansion in the country, we are certain that we will eventually do so.

Q: Which segments in the oil and gas industry could most benefit from your product?

A: Any process involving pressure or vibration could benefit from our products. We therefore expect growth across the whole industry. Our OpsWatch is perfect for active operations, allowing engineers to generate predictive maintenance. We also have several products in the design stages, with releases planned for 2017. This product line will allow information to be accessed online, enabling the Internet of Things in the sectors where we are present. Our products allow data to be accessed remotely. Our clients can have a control center with visibility of the points they are monitoring or integrate the data into actual operations.

Q: Why should local Mexican companies choose Shockwatch’s monitoring solutions for their business?

A: Our portfolio covers impact and vibration monitoring and cold chain solutions. Shockwatch solutions not only help prevent serious accidents but also reduce downtime situations when critical aspects of the business must continue. There are many players in cold chain solutions but when it comes to vibration and impact, we are the global leaders. With 30 years of experience in the sector, we can assure companies that Shockwatch is a trustable partner for their operations and infrastructure maintenance. The control our products offer over data can be used to make the right decisions and ensure nonstop production.