Edgar Rentería
Vice President of Protective and Marine Coatings Latin America
Sherwin Williams
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Global Company a Key Local Partner

Mon, 03/05/2018 - 16:26

Q: How is Sherwin Williams working to become the partner of choice for the new oil and gas industry in Mexico?

A: Sherwin Williams has undergone a 180-degree turn in terms of its strategy in Mexico. For many years, PEMEX was the dominant player in the industry. All the product specifications in the market were therefore dictated by the NOC. With over 84 years of experience in Mexico, we developed a business that was focused solely on providing products and services to this one client. We were, in that context, the perfect choice for any revamping project PEMEX had. Now, with the opening of the market we are seeing an increasing number of companies entering Mexico that are also looking for effective ways to bring their global experience, knowledge and technologies into the local market. For that, they will find that a global company like Sherwin Williams, which already has a strong presence in Mexico, will be a key partner.

Q: Where does Sherwin Williams see the biggest market opportunity for its products?

A: Oil and gas is one of the industrial segments with the highest requirements in terms of performance, durability and demanding specifications. That being said, midstream is the sector in which we see the biggest investment taking place in the short and medium terms, with O&M activities increasingly taking place and new infrastructure being built. This is the sector in which our biggest efforts will take place during 2018. Downstream and upstream are expected over the medium and long terms. Of course, we are looking to serve all the arriving operators but we are aware that these projects are just starting. Revamping and developing new infrastructure are two similar markets across the oil and gas value chain, but we can see more short-term potential in downstream while activities in upstream will take some more time to unfold.

Q: What makes Sherwin Williams products different from those offered by its competitors?

A: Products now must focus on improving continuous operating times. When developing new products or improving those we already offer, we focus on how to keep the equipment running for longer, as well as how to keep reduced maintenance times. This is an important point because when a piece of equipment undergoes maintenance, every minute represents a costly minute of nonproduction. In that area, for example, our DuraPlate 301 product has the capacity of curing quickly at low temperatures or even under humid environments, therefore reducing downtimes. For protection in dangerous environments, FireTex, is a product with passive fire protection characteristics. When coated with FireTex, the assets and structures are protected from damage if a fire starts. We also have optically-activated pigments, which are called Opti-Check. This is most useful for the midstream sector, specifically for the inside of tanks. Once the inside of the tank has been painted a UV light can be used to verify that the paint has adhered properly as well as to verify whether there is any kind of quality problem. It is also important to have products that can be easily applied. The more complexity in applying a product, the more complex the equipment for the application has to be, and the more expensive it becomes. 

Q: How is Sherwin Williams strengthening its presence in the midstream sector?

A: The midstream sector fits perfectly with our solutions portfolio and hydrocarbons storage is among the most needed infrastructure in Mexico, even above the need for upstream infrastructure development that is resulting from the licensing rounds. For each and every segment of the midstream value chain, from transportation to storage, distribution and points of sales of fuels, Sherwin Williams has a product to offer. One major milestone we have achieved to further secure our presence in the midstream sector, not only in Mexico but on a global level, is the acquisition of Valspar. With this acquisition, Sherwin Williams opens its solutions portfolio to the powder-coating area, particularly for natural gas pipelines to be deployed onshore and offshore.