Alberto López
General Manager Mexico
Enrique Echegaray
Enrique Echegaray
Operations Manager

Global Quality Enforcing Safety Regulations

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 17:16

Norsafe specializes in the sale of lifeboats and rescue vessels, as well as providing services for these areas. The company’s main activity consists of providing services to vessels, with offices in Ciudad del Carmen and Paraiso, and a service station in San Luis Potosi. While Norsafe seldom engages in sales activities in Mexico, it has personnel dedicated to identifying the Mexican market’s needs, who contact their counterparts in Singapore, Spain, or China to start the sales process. Once a deal is reached, the Mexican office takes over the maintenance of the vessels.

Alberto López, General Manager Mexico of Norsafe, explains that, due to the types of services that Norsafe offers and the way in which PEMEX works, the company has a contract with PEMEX Procurement International according to brand or patent. The contract allows PEMEX’s different asset management divisions to give Norsafe work orders for servicing equipment. Norsafe is currently negotiating the possibility of providing PEMEX with new maintenance services that follow international standards, such as weekly visual inspections. Enrique Echegaray, Operations Manager of Norsafe, says inspections are the most sought-after service, followed by the sale of spare parts. The company will benefit from a new global regulation that requires that all hooks on rescue vessels.

should be replaced by hooks that comply with the new specifications by July 2019. He also adds that PEMEX is implementing ship evacuation training programs for helmspersons, an area where Norsafe would like to help the NOC through its knowledgeable technicians.

According to Echegaray, each lifeboat has to comply with Mexican and international standards, meaning the vessels have to be inspected by a certified professional. “PEMEX tends to be rather demanding, so it requires in-depth annual inspections, and it hires Norsafe for this purpose,” he shares. Norsafe has a globally-implemented software solution called Safecord that keeps a historic record of vessels and equipment, to which the company provides maintenance. “When a vessel comes to Mexico and undergoes maintenance operations, we use the software to determine who provided the latest maintenance service, when, and how. We then use the information to identify the norms and regulations with which the vessel complies and what remains to be done,” details López. Following the service, Norsafe’s clients are invited to complete a survey, which is used by the Norway office to create a report and identify areas of improvement.

While the market is opening to international players, Mexican companies are also increasing in numbers, and Echegaray expects a Mexican company to be Norsafe’s main client by 2017. “At the moment, PEMEX is our largest client, but Grupo R is poised to become our most important client for lifeboats, as it is expanding its fleet and it has three deepwater platforms under construction,” he concludes.