Juan Pablo Vega
Director General
Naviera Integral

Going with the Current

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 13:40

When it comes to Mexico’s maritime market, Juan Pablo Vega, Director General of Naviera Integral, finds it aligned with global trends. “The country has a relatively open market that inclines willingly toward free trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership that was recently signed,” he clarifies. He reminds that through NAFTA, Mexico voted for equally open seaports, following Canada, which also opted for the accessibility of its harbors. “However, the free trade agreement ended up excluding maritime transportation articles, because of the US’ decision to have restricted ports in order to ensure national security,” he reports.

Naviera Integral has been operating in the Mexican oil and gas industry for 30 years where it has focused on assisting a group of companies in different industries, especially in maritime transportation. Vega is confident that his company’s offering of quality, safety, efficiency, and cost- value, as well as its ability to help them meet national and international norms and regulations, will attract the industry’s new players to Naviera Integral.

The company is constantly renovating its fleet and hiring specialists to show it follows the most recent trends among industry leaders. “The process is not fast and in certain cases, we even tailor the products according to a company, a state, or a port. The customization is part of what we bring to the table for our customers that are just entering the country,” Vega asserts. Naviera Integral has been analyzing the profile of the winners of the different bidding rounds, as well as their clients, in order to offer them customized services. It has also been working in shallow water operations that have geographic pivotal points in Campeche, Tabasco, Veracruz, and Tamaulipas. Vega explains that it achieves prosperity in this area thanks to avant-garde vessels that can reach the fields located at extremely long distances from the shore. “Nowadays, speed and autonomy are essential for industry players looking to integrate cost-effective production, and our line of vessels is considered as one of the most modern,” Vega boasts. Additionally, Naviera Integral is becoming a supplier of PCBs, ships that have an increased volume capacity and less speed. Vega mentions that these are in demand across the entire oil industry, as they can carry all types of oil and equipment.

The maritime company also has experience in responding efficiently to accidents. “We create safety connections between the platforms and onshore operations for quick interventions in the case of emergencies,” Vega announces. “Last year we were able to evacuate people and bring machines to fight fire, all while ensuring medical assistance and managing the unexpectedly poor weather conditions.” If there is a risk of adverse weather conditions, Naviera Integral is suited to provide a large quantity of safety vessels that are ready to intervene and transport employees onshore if necessary.