Patricio Orendain
Director of Oil & Gas
Grupo Pochteca
View from the Top

Greasing the Gears of the Oil and Gas Industry

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 19:44

Q: How does Grupo Pochteca offer value to its clients in Mexico?

A: One of Grupo Pochteca’s main value adds in the oil and gas sector is its high-performing products and solutions for oil field service companies. To provide even greater value, we are also moving into specialty products, distributed mainly under Petroprim brand. For instance, our R&D laboratory, located in Villahermosa, Tabasco, provides new solutions for the upstream sector. Our innovation and capacity to develop customized solutions for our clients is our differentiator. Pochteca’s logistics network is another great strength, offering incredible flexibility in the delivery and special packaging of our products if needed. Being the major chemical distribution company in Mexico means we have great reach into the geographical areas where oil and gas activity takes place, resulting in an effective and efficient 24/7 service.

Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your logistics service?

A: Pochteca uses its own transport company to guarantee punctual and cost-effective delivery. However, whenever we contract a third-party, we always use GPS tracking. Pochteca has storage facilities in several Mexican ports for sea freight, as well as rail freight facilities. This critical mass allows us to handle our costs more efficiently. Our logistics network is the reason we can be competitive and cost-effective within the oil and gas industry and others. We serve more than 20,000 customers in the main 40 industries each year.

Q: How does Pochteca bring new solutions to the oil and gas industry?

A: We are working extremely hard to develop new solutions for the industry. We have been actively working with some of our main oilfield services clients to disrupt and reinvigorate areas within oil and gas, using our experience in other industries. It has been an interesting experience to see these developments. Our clients know that Pochteca has the knowledge, reach and commitment to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions and products. At our Villahermosa lab, we also engineer solutions that improve on old technologies.

Q: How has the Energy Reform impacted Pochteca’s activity and what is your short-term outlook?

A: We know the government is going to challenge the companies that have already won fields to develop those contracts and that no new contracts will be tendered until CNH has seen production resulting from those awarded. We are still waiting to see investment to arrive from the rounds that have already been won, so we are not concerned for the short-term. The administration’s strategy is positive in that it challenges PEMEX to grow, become more efficient in the new competitive environment and improve production of its own blocks. We will see heavy investment in E&P and there will be activity on around 150 wells this year. This is a major increase on last year. Four of these are deepwater wells, one of which belongs to PEMEX. Shallow-water activity will be huge and there will be onshore activity also, so Pochteca and other upstream players will benefit.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of listing on the BMV?

A: There are no real disadvantages. Being on the BMV confers good standing on Pochteca as companies must be well-managed and comply with extremely high standards to be involved. The BMV also promotes transparency in a company’s financial matters and its policies. This is positive for customers, suppliers and employees.

Q: What are Pochteca’s goals for the coming year?

A: In the coming year, our goal is to increase the number of people working in our laboratory to continue improving our innovative technologies. We will also be working to cement our place as a regional supplier. We will continue pushing our Petroprim brand in the specialty oil & gas portfolio. Expansion into two other regions of the Americas is also an ambition.

Grupo Pochteca is one of the largest distributors of chemicals and lubricants in Latin America. With a revenue of over US$340 million, Grupo Pochteca is publicly traded on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).