Octavio Navarro Sada
Mexico Country Manager
Heerema Marine Contractors

Heerema’s Fleet Committed to the Gulf of Mexico

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 23:07

Although the first results of Round One are not in yet, Heerema Marine Contractors is certain that many of PEMEX’s projects will move forward. Regardless of the current uncertainty, the world-renowned offshore installation firm has had plenty of work in the Gulf of Mexico over the past two years. The extent of its involvement with PEMEX confirms the foresight underpinning the sizeable bet that the company has made on the Mexican market. From November 2013 until September 2014, two out of Heerema’s four vessels, the Hermod and Balder, were exclusively committed to working for PEMEX on three important fields: Ayatsil, Ek, and Balam. Even though the projects were delivered successfully, they faced certain complications throughout the engineering and manufacturing processes, since they involved the installation of the largest offshore structures that PEMEX has ever worked with. The Ayatsil field, located in a water depth of 120m, represents the greatest water depth in which fixed offshore installations have ever been installed in Mexico, meaning it requires offshore structures with different manufacturing and installation methods than the traditional ones used in other PEMEX fields. “At Ek and Balam, we installed a jacket and a platform in each field, which had already been manufactured for PEMEX. The installation of jackets and decks for the project’s fixed platforms in Ayatsil faced some complications, given the novelty of the installation conditions in deeper waters. However, overcoming this was not difficult, given our global expertise,” highlights Octavio Navarro Sada, Mexico Country Manager of Heerema Marine Contractors.

Heerema secured its global leadership in the offshore crane vessel market by offering four large capacity vessels, more than any other company in the industry. Additionally, the firm is present in almost every corner of the world, providing transportation and installation services for the offshore industry, with its vessels constantly moving to deliver and provide services where needed. Beyond the company’s evident deepwater interests, Heerema is also interested in gaining a greater share of project involvement in Mexico’s shallower assets. “We have already installed some equipment at Tsimin, another important and recent development for PEMEX, and we feel confident about taking on other opportunities in similar projects. Essentially, Heerema is capable of catering its services to projects at a wide range of depths, from 20m and reaching down to 3,000m,” explains Navarro Sada. Most importantly, the company’s presence in the Gulf of Mexico has a privileged position in the scope of its global operations. As a key player in the transportation and installation of offshore infrastructure in the US portion of the Gulf, Heerema is certain that its vessels will be coming into the region constantly. “As of today, we have installed about 60% of the deepwater infrastructure in the US Gulf, including Perdido. This makes it evident that Heerema will be contributing to the development of Mexico’s deepwater fields, either through PEMEX or its future partners, by leveraging our proven expertise in the region. We know that PEMEX is not going into deepwater alone; it will take on these projects through JVs. Once we know who it will be working with, we will begin building the most suitable business relationships with IOCs and manufacturers to become the company of choice for the transportation and installation of offshore infrastructure in the Mexican Gulf,” Navarro Sada describes. “We are already very familiar with the way companies work in the US Gulf. Whether concerning IOCs, large independents, or manufacturers, we understand the procedures that must be followed to provide our services, and we trust that these will be applied to the Mexican oil and gas industry. Most of the players looking to come into the country have already chosen Heerema in other parts of the world for their offshore installation needs, and we feel that this is a great competitive advantage as they start developing new deepwater fields in Mexico,”

explains Navarro Sada. Heerema is aiming to get the lion’s share of deepwater installation projects on the Mexican side of the Gulf of Mexico. “2014 saw all four of our vessels present at the same time in different projects throughout the Gulf of Mexico, highlighting the importance of this region to us. Paired with this, we know that the Mexican Perdido asset will most definitely be developed sooner rather than later, and we are ready to participate in this process as we have done so with Shell on the US side. We will undoubtedly leverage our expertise in Perdido to deliver the necessary services for developments right across the maritime border,” Navarro envisions.