Lularyde Moreno
Mexico Commercial Representative
Rock Solid Images

High-Resolution Data for Better Drilling Decisions

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 11:49

Although reservoir characterization company Rock Solid Images has been cutting costs across the board due to a lack of exploration activity in Mexico, its General Manager for LatAm is positive that it will come back stronger than ever when the downturn is behind us. “We are taking advantage of this downtime to improve the technologies we offer,” Lularyde Moreno says. Rock Solid’s priority is to optimize its capabilities in analyzing seismic, electromagnetic and well-log data to provide clients with the clearest possible image of a reservoir before they begin drilling.

The promise of new, automated features that have been added to the company’s software, together with the host of opportunities arising from the opening of Mexico’s deepwater makes Moreno confident. “We are developing software that can carry out the automatic integration of different types of reservoir categorization data,” Moreno says. Its “joint inversion” technology allows Rock Solid to combine datasets, whether its 3D seismic or electromagnetic data, facilitating more in-depth studies of complex geophysical terrains. This advancement, she says, will save companies time and money, giving operators a clearer view of what is underground. Rock Solid will launch the technology on a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) system, allowing users to have online access. 

The importance of a high-quality reservoir characterization study before commencing operations cannot be overstated. “Operators need the most crystal-clear idea possible of what is in a reservoir,” to plan profitable drilling activity, she says. The importance of the product goes beyond the stringent budget cuts many operators are facing due to recent low oil prices and market volatility. “Every operator needs to drill to make money but the cost of drilling is a million times more than the cost of reservoir characterization,” Moreno says, so investing in high quality imaging services is more than worth it. Without adequate investment in services like those provided by Rock Solid Images, companies “risk going in blind,” she warns. Reservoir characterization should be a priority for any E&P company, regardless of budget, she states. 

Rock Solid Images also brings a combination of international and Mexican experience to the table. Besides having worked on more than 3,700 wells across six continents, the company began a project providing reservoir characterization to PEMEX in 2015. “Our global reach, which includes projects in the UK and Norway, gives Rock Solid Images a wider spectrum and deeper understanding of different types of geological structures and resistance,” Moreno says. “But it is our proven track record with Mexico’s NOC that will show new players that we know the local challenges.”