Human Resources: Availability, Productivity, Health and COVID-19

By Mónica López | Fri, 11/06/2020 - 15:39

You can read our editorial coverage of this panel discussion here.

A panel composed of Zayra León, Talent Acquisition Manager for Latin America at Halliburton, Socorro Aldape, HR Manager of Golfo Suplemento Latino, and Jenni Lewis, Managing Director at RelyOn Nutec (US, MX, TT), and led by Guido Van der Zwet, General Manager, Commerce at iPS Powerful People, discussed the reputation of the industry following lay offs pushed by low oil prices. The industry’s sudden shift to homeworking, and the consequences of this move, as well as talent gaps and how to fill them, were all covered by the experienced and articulate panel members.

Mónica López Mónica López Graphic Designer