Juan Gabriel Quiroz
Administrative Director

Impermeable Quality Beyond National Standards

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 17:00

In 2015, Arigem, a company mainly dedicated to the installation of a PVC geomembrane that retains all types of spillage to avoid subsoil contamination, set the target of increasing its sales by 30% and client satisfaction by 40%. The company’s Administrative Director, Juan Gabriel Quiroz, claims Arigem successfully achieved its goals, keeping up with its trend of increasing sales and client satisfaction figures. According to Quiroz, the company’s growth is the result of client recommendations and the professionalization of its processes, which was done with customer satisfaction in mind. Without a doubt, the PVC geomembrane is the product that has contributed the most to Arigem’s growth. “It is used for drilling equipment, in operation bases, or in the transportation segment to avoid spillage and soil contamination when unloading trucks. The PVC geomembrane we use in the oil industry has a 1.5mm thickness, and protects against hydrocarbons spills and ultraviolet rays,” Quiroz explains.

The product’s popularity is partly due to the fact that many projects in Tabasco require its use. Quiroz recounts that Arigem has undertaken projects with GCM for tertiary equipment, with Schlumberger and Halliburton on Mesozoic fields, and currently with Nabors in Campeche. “Our nine-year long collaboration with these companies is able to continue thanks to the quality of service we provide,” boasts Quiroz. “In addition, we are constantly looking for new applications for the impermeable mat, maintaining the quality and professionalism we brought to the oil sector. We recently started using Impergem, the PVC geomembrane waterproofing product we install as a complement to our mat, at a residential level.”

Innovation is a crucial part of the company’s strategy, and since last year, it has been working on expanding the applicability of its PVC geomembranes to other non-oilrelated sectors. Arigem took advantage of some of its partnerships in order to enter the automotive industry, where it is present in car dealerships. The fact that companies nowadays prefer dealing with one supplier, rather than ten, added to the small number of players supplying similar products, has allowed Arigem to grow. The services surrounding the PVC geomembrane also led to growth in sales figures, with clients requesting everything from syndicate administration to the supply of cleaning personnel for the mats.

Quiroz is confident that his company’s focus on safety and compliance with international regulations will be a significant advantage in securing contracts with the foreign companies that are expected to enter the market. He believes that establishing partnerships with newcomers as soon as possible is of utmost importance, so that when they seek a consolidated local safety company, they will immediately turn to Arigem. “We do not expect the implementation of norms by ASEA to modify our activities or the way we carry them out, because the international norms we are used to following are already higher than the ones mandated by Mexican regulators,” Quiroz clarifies. “These traits have contributed to the company’s low accident index”.

Globally, the oil industry is going through a difficult time, and Arigem has definitely felt changes in its clients’ budgets. As a way to survive in this low oil-price environment, the company is improving its offering so that it can better service its customers once the oil price rises again. “On the bright side, we are looking forward to the positive impact of Round One, whereby more companies will enter the market, creating many sales opportunities for us,” shares Quiroz, who aspires for his company to maintain its growth in sales and customer satisfaction, while maintaining a low accident index.