Juan Carlos Hernández
Industrias Energéticas
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The Importance of Being Technology Oriented

Wed, 05/23/2018 - 17:10

Q: As an integrated energy services provider, what have been your top technological introductions in the last year?

A: We have obtained exclusive rights to commercialize a series of cutting-edge technology products for the energy industry in Mexico. When our market experience matches the right technology, we are capable of creating highly beneficial results not only for the client and the end consumer, but also for the country and its people. We have made the most of the opportunities that have come our way in microgeneration, cogeneration and trigeneration of power, as well as in the oil and gas industry, be it offshore or onshore. 

Q: How will you help new companies entering the Mexican oil and gas market create value based on your services?

A: We are a fully Mexican company with over 20 years of experience in the market and we have the particular mission to support the national industry through impactful projects. We also strive to set up strategic partnerships with other national and foreign companies to make the most of the business opportunities and to create added value as a final result of our services. 

Q: What opportunities have you identified for cleantechnology turbines and which partnerships will you develop for this business line?

A: We want to be part of the smart grid network to exploit the natural gas pipeline network, which was built under the Ministry of Energy’s Five-Year Plan and has boosted the natural gas market and transformed power generation operations with cogeneration and trigeneration. Industrias Energéticas will deliver the best solutions that integrate the latest technologies in measurement, monitoring, communications and operations to improve efficiency, reliability, quality and security of electricity networks in the transformation process set out by the Energy Reform and its sustainability principles. 

Q: How will the development of the Special Economic Zones (ZEEs) in Campeche open new opportunities for Industrias Energéticas?

A: Industrias Energéticas prides itself on having its origins in Campeche and along that line, we are constantly seeking business opportunities in our region. Ever since President Peña Nieto’s administration established Campeche as a ZEE, we have been active in proposing projects with an integral vision that contemplates the development of social and economic infrastructure, strengthening human capital, bringing in innovation and technology transfers as a fundamental component of the creation of sustainable urban development in the region. The ZEEs’ development is based on the training of human talent and the knowledge of high-quality technologies, where we can also contribute. Industrias Energéticas is on the frontline of offering materials to support and supply other companies in projects spanning from energy efficiency, clean energies, electric vehicles, smart panels or the IoT.

Q: Which projects will you embark on to grow the company’s international partnerships and its status as a global partner of choice with Mexican DNA? A: We are negotiating with a number of international fuel companies with the goal of strengthening our new hydrocarbons commercial branch. This has been done through a concrete strategy to get involved in meetings, chambers and associations in the energy industry to establish the most convenient partnerships for us. We have also increased our presence in conventions and exhibitions where we have met with world-class fuel producers in a quest to increase our supplier portfolio. We have launched a business line oriented at the commercialization of hydrocarbons and we are investing to ensure organic growth.

Q: What successes would you like to achieve by the end of 2018?

A: We want to consolidate our position as a relevant importer of hydrocarbons in Mexico. We also plan to take every single opportunity stemming from the ZEEs based on their vision to foster technological exchanges.