Juan Carlos Luna Cervantes
Director General
Sica Medición

Increased Profitability through Hydrocarbon Measurements

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 12:40

Sica Medición is the exclusive representative of more than a dozen manufacturers that specialize in the measurement of the physical and chemical properties of hydrocarbons. The range of products the company readily offers includes equipment manufactured by PAC, GE Oil & Gas, Selerity Technologies, and AD Systems. Its measurement tools can calculate parameters such as viscosity, density, temperature, sulfur and nitrogen content, among other physical and chemical properties in order for its clients to meet international quality standards imposed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). “Our measurement equipment has specific applications for most given processes in each segment of the oil and gas industry. This guarantees that our clients’ desired analytical needs are taken care of,” explains Juan Carlos Luna Cervantes, Director General of Sica Medición. The company has long been focused on its products’ functionality, engineering, and calibration activities to ensure the correct functioning of these products. “Profitability and process optimization are key for any client,” he says.

Since measurement tools cannot afford downtime, as this would throw off their data collection, Sica Medición offers frequent servicing and check-ups. “This customized service approach has been a defining trait since the company’s inception and ranges from choosing the most appropriate and specific product for the measurements in question to post-acquisition communication with clients,” says Luna Cervantes. He explains that by executing turnkey projects, clients’ needs can be detected in detail to spot further opportunities to reduce operational times and costs, while precisely calculating the equipment’s performance can help a customer net an increase in profits. The company’s quantity measurement has been backed up by its lab that has been accredited by the Entidad Mexicana de Acreditación (EMA) in relation to flow services.

“Sica Medición quickly rose to become a measurement services provider for PEMEX and has been supporting the company in flow measurement since 1996,” says Luna Cervantes. “We work very closely with PEMEX Refining while also deriving a significant share of our business from PEMEX E&P and PEMEX Gas and Basic Petrochemicals.” Sica Medición has participated in each of PEMEX’s six refineries – Minatitlán, Cadereyta, Madero, Salamanca, Tula, and Salina Cruz – through revamp projects as well as delivering other products and services. We have been involved in the development of a large laboratory in Minatitlán by supplying roughly 50% of its measurement equipment. We did not supply the entire product line needed for the lab as we simply did not have all the equipment needed, since some of it was not within Sica Medición’s area of specialization.

We were essentially awarded full responsibility for all the measurement products,” Luna Cervantes highlights. “Also, the amount of our equipment that is installed in Tula, Madero, and Cadereyta refineries is significant with new contracts being released three times a year.”

Sica Medición has recently also obtained contracts for its measurement and calibration services in flow measurement equipment for PEMEX E&P’s pipeline network in Tabasco and Veracruz. The firm also has equipment maintenance contracts for laboratories located in Madero, Cadereyta, Tula, and Salina Cruz. Luna Cervantes outlines the company’s involvement as a measurement equipment supplier in the development of refining facilities to generate clean fuels, while another important project is the firm’s participation in a pilot project in Tula that specializes in the analysis of crude oil’s behavior. This project involves equipment manufactured by Fischer Engineering that simulates the distillation process of crude oil in a distillation column. “This enables PEMEX to inspect the qualitative performance of crude and determine if it wants to use it,” says Luna Cervantes.