Espartaco Acevedo
Head of Projects
Marine Pro-V

Industrial Oxygen Supply as a Stepping Stone

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 12:27

After starting as a construction fi rm in Campeche, Espartaco Acevedo, Head of Projects at MARINE PRO-V, explains that the move to serving the oil and gas industry came when the company moved to Ciudad del Carmen. Today, MARINE PRO-V is structured into four distinct business areas: industrial gases, commercial services, construction, and automotive maintenance and repairs.

Taking on the frontrunners in the industrial gases segment, MARINE PRO-V won a contract to supply industrial oxygen to Pemex, replacing one of the nationwide established leaders in the industrial gases market. “Cylinders are the main asset in the gas business; as a result, breaking into this market is very hard because the initial costs are high. Having a contract with Pemex solves this problem, as your assets are guaranteed, protected and insured,” explains Acevedo. The contract is for the supply of 14-15,000m3 of oxygen to Pemex per month. It is mainly used in the construction and maintenance of marine infrastructure. Acevedo details that the company does have the intention of remaining an industrial gas provider in the long-term, but rather will take any opportunities that the company can fi nd in the southeast region of the Gulf of Mexico, working in the oil and gas segment. “We believe one of the biggest potential opportunities in the future for MARINE PRO-V will be providing material and equipment to oil and gas companies using Ciudad del Carmen as our base of operations,” he reveals.