Marcial Meneses Carro
Commercial Director

Innovation in the Mexican Equipment Market

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 13:23

“Since the executives of both BIMSA and Copiisa Offshore have a lot of experience in the field, we have always been concerned about industrial safety and the environment; we are always aiming at having them go hand-in-hand with technology. We create our technical equipment to be easy and safe to use, but more importantly environmentally friendly and in compliance with national and international standards and specifications,” says Marcial Meneses Carro, CEO of Copiisa Offshore and Commercial Director of BIMSA. 

Bombas Internacionales Mexicanas (BIMSA) was set up four decades ago to develop and manufacture centrifugal pumps for the oil and gas industry. Today, the group of companies has expanded to provide industrial packages to the Mexican gas industry through BIMSA Industrial Packages and Copiisa Offshore, offering tools and solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry.

As Meneses Carro says, Copiisa has always had a focus on providing solutions to the oil and gas industry with a focus on making safety improvements to traditional technology.

Regarding designing a plant air package (see box above), Meneses Carro says: “With this, we endorse our commitment to promote industrial safety and environmentally-friendly standards, as this equipment is installed in separated batteries or in different oil installations in which the majority of equipment is set off  through pneumatics. The electric energy supply is not very reliable, so we designed the equipment in such a way that it can work with gas. Instead of burning the gas and releasing it directly into the atmosphere, we use it as a combustible in our equipment to generate energy.” Meneses Carro points out that this technology is not yet available in either the United States or Europe.

Despite the fact that companies in Mexico are innovating in oil and gas equipment design, the perception that Mexico is slow to adopt new technologies still prevails in the industry. Talking about a possible solution to this, Meneses Carro says: “The manufacturers need to get in touch with Pemex and show them their technologies. Pemex has to open its doors to all companies without being selective and has to consider the options that the market has to offer. Clearly, this would be something from which Pemex could benefit. Mexicans need a very extensive set of criteria so they don’t get too attached to the previous technology.”

Meneses Carro says it has not been easy to establish Copiisa Offshore and BIMSA in the Mexican oil and gas industry, and compete with the established technology of multinational oilfield service companies. However, by offering a competitive local service, the companies have succeeded in gaining a sizeable percentage of Mexican market share.