Innovative Approach to Human Resources Benefits the Industry
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Innovative Approach to Human Resources Benefits the Industry

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Bettina Ortiz - JSL International
Mexico Country Manager


Q: How did JSL International arrive in Mexico after acquiring experience in other parts of Latin America?

A: JSL International is a group of corporations that emerged in 2008 in Trinidad and Tobago. Soon after, it expanded to Latin America, specializing in countries such as Surinam, Guyana and Colombia. Later, it set up operations in the US and, in 2013, in Mexico where we began to provide services to an international drilling company for a deepwater project. Soon after, JSL was providing services to drilling companies in Tamaulipas and Tabasco, as well as Campeche. Overall, we are present in 12 countries. We find the specialized manpower needed for drilling operations in deepwater environments. JSL also started bringing potential clients from Latin America to Mexico and diversified its services, such as via catering and other critical operational solutions, including logistics. We also operate in shallow waters and can add value to land-based operations. The company also provides crews for jackup rigs, semi-submersibles and drillships. We have developed a portfolio of important clients and continue to provide services with the most appropriate solution to the culture, resources and situation. JSL is able to support clients in highly technical matters too. Maximizing the value for stakeholders is our ultimate goal. 

Q: How has the company further diversified its solutions based on the requirements of Mexican companies and how has this translated to results?

A: We have added value to projects that have been of significant importance to our clients and operators by strengthening our value chain. We have developed service lines related to each other to account for all the changes in the industry, beginning with the Energy Reform to the present. Now, we as a registered specialized firm continue adapting the best practices to the latest regulatory shifts and the current needs of every client. We prefer to tailor creative solutions rather than focus on costs to be the most competitive and the best reference in this regard are the results we have already achieved.

Q: What changes have had the biggest impact on the company’s services?

A: People care about the environment, along with health and social sustainability practices in the oil and gas sector. Because we operate in an ever-changing environment, we continue adapting our offer based on these needs. We focus on key points such as innovation, transforming processes and the human factor in management of personnel or capital. This has been translated into our sustainable business strategy, understanding that the decisions we make as a company have a significant impact on the people and the environment we operate in. We do not consider people as resources but as a crucial aspect of any project in development. If a project is to be carried out successfully and sustainably, everyone needs to be on board and understand its mission and goals. 

Q: How do you assess the changes to the regulatory framework as a result of the recent Labor Reform?

A: It is important to know the Mexican market and to understand that it is firmly regulated. In Mexico, regulatory changes are practically constant, so we need to recognize which changes are inevitable, how they impact the market and embrace change as an opportunity for improvement and the development of initiatives to add value to the industry. Looking at the Labor Reform, in our view, it aims to address the workforce in and of itself. I believe the changes are positive. It is important to be transparent in the process of change to ensure that all operators and clients understand why the government decided to tackle how labor is contracted and subcontracted. We should not forget that projects in the energy sector need to generate a positive economic spillover effect, so by addressing how companies interact with their workers, the aim is to create a beneficial impact for all. For companies like JSL, it is paramount to follow the development of such regulation and to ensure we are in full compliance. 

Q: How is JSL working to address challenges in developing talent for the oil and gas sector?

A: The changes in the sector are complex, ranging from technological advances to developing the talent necessary to strengthen and make good use of this progress. In terms of our own competitiveness, we are working to be more creative in developing this talent and its skillset. We are also interested in implementing community programs, which are important to tap into the country’s talent pool and find a revitalizing force for the industry. The industry needs to develop younger talent so that it can address the problems of tomorrow through enhanced efficiency today.

Q: What are the company’s main goals for 2022?

A: We want to generate innovative business proposals and deliver them in a distinguished and efficient manner. This is not simply in relation to manpower and outsourcing but by addressing topics like sustainability, health culture and social commitment. We believe that 2022 will be a year full of opportunity for everyone. Our goal is to generate jobs and provide opportunities and benefits for the industry and Mexico’s people via our services.


JSL International is a specialized human resources recruitment company that is active across the American continent. It provides support for on-land and offshore operations in terms of manpower, catering and warehousing.

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