Innovative Technologies for Subsea Reservoir Recovery

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 23:17

OneSubsea® delivers integrated solutions, products, systems, and services for the subsea oil and gas market. The company offers a step change in reservoir recovery for the subsea oil and gas industry through the integration and optimization of the entire production system over the life of the field. OneSubsea leverages Cameron’s flow control expertise, process technologies, and world-class manufacturing and aftermarket capabilities, along with Schlumberger’s petro-technical leadership, reservoir and production technology, and R&D capabilities. OneSubsea’s unique Pore to ProcessTM offering helps provide end-to- end solutions from reservoir to surface, addressing client challenges with the goal of optimizing production and increasing recovery.

In 2014, OneSubsea was awarded a US$270 million contract by PEMEX to supply subsea hardware for the Lakach deepwater development, the first deepwater field to be developed by PEMEX. The scope of supply for the seven well system includes subsea production equipment and tooling. OneSubsea will also provide installation and commissioning services. Planning is currently being carried out in Houston alongside a team of PEMEX engineers. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2016. “OneSubsea is very honored to have been awarded PEMEX’s first subsea production system to be installed in Mexico,” said Francisco Nuñez, Regional Sales Manager

for Latin America of OneSubsea. “OneSubsea will be working closely with PEMEX, IOCs, and independents as they develop their strategies to take on deepwater areas offshore Mexico. I am really excited to see how Mexico’s assets will be developed moving forward.”

Offering a comprehensive, reliable, in-house suite of subsea technologies and services strongly positions OneSubsea to effectively partner with operators in Mexico. OneSubsea is a leading provider of subsea production and process systems and life-of-field services. The company’s integrated solution capabilities extend from the reservoir pore space to the surface, including the well completion and subsea production systems. This unique combination of skills ensures the most adaptable solution to improve performance throughout the changing reservoir and production conditions over the full life of the field, increasing production and enhancing recovery. “OneSubsea focuses on those areas where we can support our operator partners from the early engineering stages, as well as apply our innovative technology portfolio in order to maximize the reservoir recovery factor. In Mexico, there are major areas of opportunity with subsea boosting technologies and production assurance capabilities,” comments Nuñez. While subsea boosting is relatively new to operators, OneSubsea has been at the forefront of this technology for more than 20 years, having supplied 85 subsea pumps worldwide.