Alberto Pérez
Oil & Gas Business Unit Manager
Endress+Hauser’s Oil and Gas Unit
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Integrated Monitoring Solutions

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 15:14

Q: How has your business developed in 2012, and how will Pemex’s eventual restructuring affect Endress & Hauser?

A: Our strategy has worked perfectly, even though it has been aimed towards private companies in the Mexican oil and gas industry rather than Pemex. While the restructuring of Pemex will make us rethink our strategy, our current and potential clients will still be there, regardless of the outcome. However, we have already thought of a revamp project to diversify our solutions, products, and services and identify new opportunities after the imminent energy reform and the restructuring of Pemex.

Our greatest success last year was the implementation of flow, pressure, temperature, well signal monitoring, and oil separation solutions in offshore and onshore settings. However, even though we greatly admire our successes of past years, we are already looking towards the future, where we are focusing on offering the same services with additional state-of-the-art wireless monitoring technology for offshore projects. Regarding onshore operations, we have focused on offering radiometric technology and energy level monitoring.

Q: Many companies are looking for integrated system monitoring solutions. What specific interactions have you had with IT providers to offer these solutions?

A: We have already entered into alliances with various companies in order to offer our clients integrated solutions to their monitoring needs. We tend to align ourselves with companies that complement our services and products because together we can offer a better package solution. Nonetheless, we definitely need to make more strategic alliances not only because it allows us to offer better products and services to our clients and add value to the Mexican oil and gas market.

Q. How successful have you been at introducing your monitoring technology in mature fields like Chicontepec?

A: Our most successful case was the first round of integrated service contracts at Chicontepec, where we were able to supply system, pressure, temperature, and flow monitors through ICA. Furthermore, in 2012 we were also able to supply 200 pressure and flow monitors in Poza Rica, Veracruz. Therefore, I would have to say we have been successful in some mature fields even though we are looking forward to the next rounds of contracts to provide more services in onshore mature fields.

For the next round of ISCs we are focusing on offering an integrated monitoring solution for remote fields. One of the greatest problems Pemex has in these remote areas is that, due to lack of pipeline infrastructure, the extracted crude must be stored in tanks before being transported by truck, which is a complex and difficult logistical operation. At Endress & Hauser we are trying to offer a comprehensive solution that will facilitate the logistics of this complicated process. For example, we offer a service that allows Pemex to know which storage tanks are empty, which tanks are at capacity, and which tanks have leaks or are being unloaded by unauthorized personnel.

Q: Pemex is currently trying to optimize control and safety in its production infrastructure, and update its storage and distribution infrastructure. What role could Endress & Hauser play in supporting these initiatives?

A: We are very interested in supporting Pemex to optimize control and safety in its production infrastructure, and have done so already in northern Mexico, where we installed pressure and level monitoring devices. Every time we install one of these monitors, we actually install two; one for supervision and a second one for safety purposes. We always do this in case one of the monitors fails; you always have a backup and can therefore prevent any potential hazardous situation.

Regarding storage and distribution infrastructure, Pemex is very interested in controlling and making sure its end products are safe. Therefore, we are focusing on offering storage and distribution solutions based on volume and level monitors to make sure Pemex always delivers the exact amount of its products. In the past, Pemex personnel would have to measure the volume of storage tanks and trucks, which caused various complications because of mistakes or slipups. However, with our state-of-the-art monitoring systems we avoid any of these mistakes and help improve Pemex’s distribution and transmission network.