Felipe Pacheco
Plenumsoft Energy & Sustainability

Integrating Innovation Across the Industry

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 12:23

“Competitiveness has never been so crucial to Mexico’s oil and gas industry, as the open market will bring experienced companies from all around the globe,” warns Felipe Pacheco, CEO of Plenumsoft Energy & Sustainability (PE&S). His company started 20 years ago as a traditional IT services provider, and the Energy Reform motivated this player to strengthen its value creation for the oil and gas industry. PE&S is already investing time and talent in setting up an R&D team to develop specialized IT Cloud & Mobile solutions to improve the use of hydrocarbons-related software platforms in order to solve the challenges that remain unaddressed.

According to Pacheco, the company’s scientific computing and high-quality technology will help companies optimize their processes and customize their technology with the aim of improving productivity. PE&S offers companies interested in participating in Mexico’s oil and gas industry services that provide them with integrated real-time information, proper data management, and construction applications in line with the specific needs of each firm. CFGUARD is one of these solutions, and it was made to support companies in the management of data and documents during reservoir exploration studies.

The oil and gas industry is not entirely new to PE&S, which has already worked with IMP in developing new technologies for this sector. “Four years ago we started looking for several new applications with the main idea of diversifying user interfaces away from the more traditional 3D/VR/AR solutions. We chose to explore the use of haptic devices within the analysis of reservoir integration,” Pacheco recounts. This solution, which is currently under evaluation, is aimed at expanding user capabilities in order to gain a better understanding of certain geophysical properties in a reservoir. “We are looking to answer questions related to a site’s behavior in the case of changes in porosity, and how such changes might be felt, as well as the impact of temperature changes on permeability.”

Pacheco highlights that innovation is at the core of PE&S. In order to survive the downturn in the oil and gas industry, the company decided to improve its innovations practices by implementing the Lean Startup for entrepreneurship initiatives within its engineering teams, incentivizing them to look for fresh ideas and solutions. “We are also able to keep innovation at the core of PE&S thanks to a clever combination of expertise and recently graduated engineers that bring a fresh perspective to the industry and produce creative solutions to existing challenges.” One of the company’s most recent and innovative projects involves the development of a tool that is aimed at helping geoscientists support the information used in the reservoir management processes. Pacheco wants to consolidate the company’s position as a leading supplier of technologybased innovative software to clients looking to improve their performance in oil production, drilling, reservoir simulation, logistics, and data management.