Integrity Management for Sistema Uno

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 13:07

Since setting up shop in Ciudad del Carmen in 1996, Penspen’s most significant participation in the Mexican market has been in PEMEX’s Sistema Uno project. Made up of PEMEX’s 137 pipelines, its offshore platforms, and the Dos Bocas maritime terminal, Sistema Uno counts on Penspen’s technical support and specialized personnel. As part of the DMGP consortium, made up of Grupo Diavaz, Mexssub, GreyStar, and Penspen, the latter takes care of integrity, risk, and reliability assessment. Specifically, Sistema Uno sees Penspen deploy its asset management expertise, including personnel that carry out maintenance operations in the fields. In so doing, Penspen has its own people working alongside PEMEX to plan and implement maintenance activities. “Penspen developed its facility integrity management system for Sistema Uno. In 2010, Mexico issued the first official norm dealing with integrity management systems for diminishing impacts on health and safety, the environment, and production issues. Therefore, operators entering Mexico will have to develop and to comply with integrity management systems. Penspen is dedicated to

the development and implementation of said systems in the country,” adds Gustavo Romero, Director General of Penspen. Its Sistema Uno experience is perhaps the most important element that Romero counts on to truly consolidate Penspen in Mexico. He seeks to pass this experience on to private operators, such as Petrofac, with whom Penspen has already held meetings. Unlike companies that are slimming down operations, Penspen is sustaining its Mexican operations thanks to the revenue stream from the Sistema Uno project. This has also helped Penspen adjust its global prices to Latin American levels, making it more cost-competitive. These advantages are matched by Penspen’s physical investments in the country. “Our Mexico office was created to be self- sustainable with its own resources and is our largest office in the Americas,” states Romero. “Furthermore, we are creating alliances with other Mexican companies to cater to aspects of the asset lifecycle which we do not cover. Our agreement of understanding with Grupo Diavaz is an example of the alliances we need to consolidate our presence in the Mexican oil and gas market.”