Intelligent Field Solutions to Optimize Production

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 11:31

Pemex contracted Emerson to install an ‘intelligent field’ system at its Cantarell field with the intention of reducing the number of trips that the NOC’s personnel had to make by boat to gather data on the field’s 50 platforms. Hurricanes and distance from the shore meant that before the system was implemented, monitoring rigs and emergency shutdown systems was a drawn-out process. One of the major challenges faced by Emerson in the installation of its intelligent field system was the fact that Pemex’s platforms had little to no power available to run it; another was the lack of existing communications infrastructure in place on the platforms. The result was the design of a system powered by wireless technology and batteries, and a system that improves productivity, data availability and worker safety. The implementation of wireless and battery powered systems also meant that installation costs were significantly lower than from a conventional wired system.