Yann Kirsch
Executive Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Planning

International Partnerships Enhance Drilling Capabilities

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 09:35

Adapting to PEMEX’s needs has characterized Goimar since its inception. As of today, the company provides maintenance and personnel for the operation of four modular rigs and two 115m jack-ups owned by COSL. In addition, the firm also provides personnel for the Sandunga jack-up while also operating its own jack-up Goimar-1. Yann Kirsch, Goimar’s Executive Vice-President of Business Development and Strategic Planning, is eager to reveal the company’s strategy to get a hold of opportunities beyond its current reach. “Our main focus is to create strategic alliances with different international and domestic companies to provide the best possible solutions to PEMEX and the incoming players. We foresee that PEMEX will no longer be our only customer as we will now be able to target other potential players for strategic alliances.” To this end, Goimar recently established an alliance with Odfjell, a Norwegian drilling company that is heavily involved in offshore drilling, especially in deepwater and ultra-deepwater rigs as well as topsides. This marked an important step for the company as it will now be better equipped to tackle deepwater projects in Mexico.

With only four deepwater rigs, Kirsch is certain that PEMEX will need a couple more to explore and exploit the potential in the Perdido Fold Belt as well as new areas surrounding the gas giant Lakach. Working with Odfjell will enable Goimar to offer an extensive portfolio of offshore services to new developments in the Gulf of Mexico. “By bringing in drillships and semi-submersible rigs, among other offshore vessels, we will position ourselves to serve the deepwater and ultra-deepwater segments. Be it PEMEX or the private sector, our combined capabilities will allow us to target plenty of opportunities in the Mexican Gulf and we will definitely be at an advantage relative to our competitors.” Having worked with Statoil, ExxonMobil, Shell, and other IOCs, Kirsch is confident that Odfjell will play a defining role as Goimar expands its services into deepwater projects. “Essentially, Odfjell will be Goimar’s gateway to work with these companies, while we introduce the Norwegian firm to PEMEX and the Mexican oil and gas industry,” Kirsch explains. Besides this, Goimar’s engineering capabilities are also buffing up to take on new opportunities. According to Kirsch, by taking full advantage of Odfjell’s engineering human capital, Goimar will be able to target opportunities for 3,000hp modular rigs. On another note, Kirsch highlights the benefits brought about by the reformed PEMEX Procurement division. “Centralizing the procurement process of products and services will prioritize companies like Goimar, given that it has been operating different types of rigs for PEMEX over a number of years and has done so to the highest standards. This logic has already been proven correct, since PEMEX’s procurement arm has already reached out to international markets in search of a new jack-up, with Goimar among the companies contacted.” Soon after receiving this request, the firm set out to find the most suitable supplier within its list of alliances around the world since the company did not own a jack-up to suit PEMEX’s specific needs. After pinpointing the right jack-up owner, Goimar found out this company had been contacted directly by PEMEX. Even though it could have drafted an offer on its own, this company preferred to choose Goimar as its go-to partner for this process. “Thanks to our proven track record, we have created a name for ourselves worldwide. Given that our products and services are endorsed by PEMEX and other important firms, we know that companies will be looking for Mexican champions like us to help them venture into the country’s oil and gas sector. We are confident that we can act as the mediator for any company worldwide by promoting their rigs in the market in order to land a deal with PEMEX. That is precisely what we did with this jackup request,” says Kirsch.

Goimar is currently operating and maintaining eight offshore drilling rigs but Kirsch expects that the firm will increase the extent of its operations in 2016. Paired to this, Goimar is working on a tender for a semi-submersible rig and it has high hopes of winning it soon. “We plan to buy this rig, so it is just a matter of being awarded this tender so that we can purchase it and begin working with this new addition to our fleet. If all our expectations work out as planned, we will be operating and maintaining eight platform rigs, four jack-ups, and a semi-submersible, while also working on a couple of other tenders related to Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) and crew vessels.”