Invent, Collaborate, Lead, Cameron

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 14:02

An industry leader for nearly 95 years, Cameron engineers, designs, and manufactures value-driven solutions for the global oil and gas industry. Opening its first manufacturing facility in Mexico more than 50 years ago, Cameron has continued to add service centers and manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demands of Mexico’s oil and gas production needs. “For instance,” states Ernesto Marcos, Corporate Director of Cameron de México, “fields in Mexico are reaching a mature stage and local operators are looking to import expertise from other parts of the world on extended oil recovery (EOR). New perspectives of looking at field management will optimize the development of mature fields, and the use of state-of-the-art technologies will enable operators to adjust their recovery factors.”

From measuring at custody transfer points to more robust topside processing for mature and new fields, in today’s market, greater accountability is needed. Marcos explains that “Cameron’s measurement solutions deliver true added value to our clients in the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments. If you think about it, measurement stations are everywhere: export terminals, custody transfer for pipeline segments, and entering and exiting refineries. This leads to a wide variety of measurement points throughout the value chain. Furthermore an increase in the number of players is making higher levels of accountability essential to better understand the parameters and volumes at custody transfer points.”

Mature fields, both onshore and offshore, will require dehydration and desalting technology as well as produced water treatment. New fields will produce heavier and sourer oil with higher H2S content and a greater variety of crudes. Both of these instances will demand more robust topside processing equipment and increase the size and complexity of projects, allowing Cameron to support our customers by offering efficient and valued technology solutions to meet their challenges. This industry is transforming from a single-client sector to serve an array of private clients which changes the private capital decision-making process and creates a greater focus on value-driven propositions and ROI. Marcos comments that “with this new open market, Mexico is likely to attract interest from all types of operators due to the variety of plays throughout the country. We may see that the industry is influenced to generate more efficient purchasing processes and to focus on life-of-field optimization as private capital is needed to back these investment decisions. Additionally, with the recent drop in oil prices, this trend towards efficiency will be even more evident because companies will focus on doing more with less.”

Through continued customer collaboration, Cameron has developed comprehensive package offerings that have earned it the reputation of being a trusted leader in the industry, spanning the drilling, completion, production, processing, transportation, refining, and LNG sectors.