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Keeping it Clean: Centrifuges Vital to Recycling Processes

By Karin Dilge | Thu, 08/11/2022 - 10:23

Q: What is the importance of the company’s decanter centrifuges for oil and gas operations?

A: In the oil and gas sector, Kronos aims to support the drilling stage. A centrifuge at an oil field works along with the drilling tools when they heat up due friction. In the first stage of the well, companies pump water and once they pass the required depth to assure there are no aquifers, they inject a costly drilling fluid. For example, if companies are drilling near the surface and dirt soaked with a hydrocarbon comes out, the centrifuge removes the drilling fluid so that it can be recycled. It separates the solids from the hydrocarbons.

Q: What clients is the company seeking to approach in the Mexican oil and gas industry and what added value can it offer them?

A: Kronos Decanter is approaching all big drilling companies, including Halliburton and Schlumberger. Kronos Decanter has also been focusing on production plants. It is also involved in water treatment processes that respond to the need to reuse water. For example, we formed an alliance with another company. Here, the centrifuge machine carries out the separation of the liquids and solids. The objective of the alliance was for the solids to remain neutralized without the necessity of managing them as special material, and leave the liquids according to the required norms of NOM002, NOM003, NOM001.

The company’s value offer is that it is located in Mexico and has ample spare parts at its manufacturing plants. We do not send anything to be manufactured elsewhere. In that sense, the company has a large inventory. This is an advantage because none of our competitors have a factory in Mexico.

Furthermore, our main competitors have delivery times of over a year while we are delivering two machines per month to our client as early as three months after they order it.

Q: Kronos Decanter’s motto is “cleaning the world one drop of water at a time.” How do your decanters help to improve water treatment processes?

A: Regarding efficiency in comparison to our competitors, Kronos has a primary and an auxiliary motor in its equipment. The client can fully control the primary motor by directing the gravitational forces inside the equipment. For the second motor, they can control the speed and determine how long they want to keep the slurry inside the machine, either to dehydrate it further or purify the water further. They have the option to either remove the fluids or to cleanse the water inside the slurry.

In terms of energy consumption, the machine’s control panel has variable speed drives and added surge suppressors. This is very beneficial for energy consumption because there are no voltage spikes.

Q: How important are maintenance operations in the correct functioning of decanters and their sustained efficiency?

A: Generally, drilling equipment is exposed to excessive amounts of dirt and grease. Therefore, this equipment needs to be repaired every year. If the machine is lubricated constantly and has sufficient oil in the gearbox, it can operate well for about a year, so maintenance is highly relevant. Incorrectly lubricating the machines can be an expensive mistake.

Our main client in Mexico is Bachoco, a food company that needs to process everything that is not commercialized from the chicken, such as its intestines and feathers. All of that is processed and placed into a giant boiler. Once the temperature turns it into a paste, oil materializes, which gets triturated and compressed and sent to the centrifuge. When the waste enters the centrifuge, our solution delivers chicken meat meal as a solid and chicken oil as a liquid.

If these centrifuge machines do not receive the proper maintenance and lubrication, clients will see themselves forced to rent a piece of equipment to keep production running while their own equipment is sent for maintenance.

Q: What are the company’s goals and objectives for the end of this year and the beginning of 2023?

A:  We want to continue to position ourselves as a trustworthy company. Kronos Decanter wants to gain more certifications for this reason too. Moreover, the company seeks to have a strong presence and position itself in the oil and gas industry because of the wealth of opportunity in this sector. We would also like to get more involved in Mexico’s water treatment processes.


Kronos Decanter is dedicated to the manufacturing, repairing and rental of decanter centrifuges. It has international presence and has operated in Mexico since 2009, working with the petrochemical, food, recycling, water treatment and biofuel industries.

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