Andrés García
Business Development Manager
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Key Steps to Guarantee Safe Offshore Access

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:45

Q: What role does Mexico represent in your service offering?

A: Given the opportunities to improve safety and offshore access in the Mexican oil and gas industry, Ampelmann’s status as a global leader in improving this accessibility makes Mexico a prime target market for our service offering. We have changed the world of offshore access in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability. Thus, we believe that Mexico offers good conditions to bring Ampelmann’s added value to the local industry. At Ampelmann, our vision is to make offshore access as easy as crossing the street.

Ampelmann achieves the goal of improving offshore accessibility mainly through our flagship technologies: our fully motion-compensated gangway and crane systems. In the Mexican context, these systems would mainly compete with helicopter access and more rudimentary options like the tarzaneras or swingropes that enable vessel access, in particular to older facilities. Helicopter personnel transport companies have an established presence in most of Mexico’s offshore hubs but their elevated cost can make them economically inefficient options for constant transport; despite their high standards in regards to safety, that can definitely also be an issue. Meanwhile, baskets and swingropes are too rudimentary to provide clear safety guarantees, and can also be an inefficient and time-consuming way of getting personnel and cargo in and out of offshore facilities.

Q: What has been the extent of your involvement in Mexico’s oil and gas sector?

A: Despite our competitive advantage and Ampelmann’s extensive international presence, not to mention domination over our specifically-segmented market, we have only recently been awarded our first project in Mexico. We will manage and guarantee safe offshore accessibility for an IOC new to the Mexican industry that is executing a large installation project through the use of our A-type systems in flotel facilities. The use of Ampelmann systems in this project completely replaced the use of swingropes and baskets, which represents an innovation within the Mexican context. This ongoing work in the Mexican oil and gas industry has so far demonstrated to Ampelmann the great working conditions and opportunities offered by what we would call its post-Energy Reform changing market, not to mention the way in which Ampelmann’s designs are tailored to Mexican conditions due to their ability to withstand the Gulf of Mexico’s changing and unpredictable weather. These great experiences and our optimism will most likely lead Ampelmann to expand its involvement in Mexico as we consolidate our business plans in preparation for new projects despite the day-to-day fluctuating conditions of an active and promising market.

Q: How can your services guarantee safe access despite difficult conditions?

A: Ampelmann provides full-service and tailored solutions for safe offshore access, for both people and cargo, which is still a major challenge in our industry. These systems have been tested through extensive use in notoriously difficult North Sea conditions, among many other major offshore regions, where they have guaranteed safe access to and exit from offshore facilities amid dangerous winds and significant wave heights reaching 4.5m. The systems are easily adaptable to any number of vessel types, making it an easy and versatile matter for operators to implement them into their project’s day-to-day movements.

Q: What are the most important advantages that your services can provide to operators?

A: We divide Ampelmann’s activities, products and contracts into two general categories. Walk to Work operations cover any transfer of personnel or cargo to and from a vessel, usually workboats. Crew Change operations cover the transferring of personnel to and from a port or any other onshore facility and offshore worksites based on a crew system line that increases safety, efficiency and workability. Compared to helicopters, baskets, surfer and swingropes, using the Ampelmann L- and S-types as part of our Crew Change modality can save up to 30 percent in logistical costs.

Ampelmann is a global leader in offshore access solutions based in the Netherlands. It commercializes gangway and crane systems for moving people and cargo in and out of offshore facilities.